The Networked Learning Manifesto: Welcoming Parents into the Conversation

Facilitators: John Pederson

Backchannel Chat
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[note - early chat deleted as discussion was about getting audio turned up :-)]
8:52 JenW : what that Karen Jan??
08:52 JenW : was that....
08:52 loonyhiker : the girl before this one looked like karenjan
08:52 rdrunner : love that folks are also introing themselves as parents
08:52 jgates513 : it WAS Karen
08:53 ijesspederson : cool, homeschooling parent in the room
08:53 loonyhiker : karenjan is my guest speaker at my next mtg in Feb talking about udl
08:53 Michelle : Jim - are you here, in 211?
08:53 jgates513 : NO, michelle - in the library.
08:54 PeggyG : The Parents as Partners EdTechTalk webcast and blog is an excellent resource for parent involvement-
08:54 jgates513 : although the audio is too low to hear. I'd go up but I don't want to distrub the sessoin
08:55 Michelle : There's room, Jim
08:55 JSigler : Sounds good right now
08:55 loonyhiker : he is speaking loud enuf
08:55 N Winton : I'm struggling to hear everyone.
08:56 rdrunner : can we have more volume on John?
08:56 Bonnie : yes hard to hear
08:56 N Winton : Also, I'm getting slight freezes on the feed.
08:56 rdrunner : my feed is fine, just audio too low
08:57 PeggyG : we have some excellent opportunities now to get parents more involved as partners in education with all of the web 2.0 tools!
08:57 loonyhiker : just did 3 sessions at a school about voicethread as a way to communicate with parents what is going on in the classroom
08:57 Msansonetti : My feed is freezing too.. i may watch this later
08:58 PeggyG : @loonyhiker! excellent example using Voicethread!
08:58 Msansonetti : @loonyhiker GREAT idea
08:58 loonyhiker : i loved that the tchrs were actually excited about it too
08:58 megbg : Can you give that address LoonyHiker?
08:58 PeggyG : I saw some great Voicethreads Miguel Guhlin created to share district news with parents and invite their participation in the conversation!
08:59 chuckholland : @loonyhiker that's great idea
08:59 Msansonetti : @loonyhiker can i borrow that idea for my next session on VoiceThread?
08:59 mjmontagne : hey all
08:59 JenW : Hey Matt
08:59 loonyhiker : sure! here is my wiki page w/ my presentation
08:59 JenW : the sound is almost TOO loud in Chris Lehmann's session
08:59 JenW : bouncing back and forth
08:59 PeggyG : Hi Matt-shared your Parents as Partners webcast/blog link earlier!
08:59 rdrunner :
09:00 mjmontagne : @peggy...thanks!
09:00 N Winton : @loonyhiker : Have you used glogster with any of your classes? (
09:00 mjmontagne : lots of new ways to involve parents now...lots of esciting possibilities
09:01 loonyhiker : will be doing a session in charleston, sc this coming weekend on using pbwiki to communicate w/ teachers, students, and community
09:01 Msansonetti : LOVE glolster... but they blocked it at school "Social media" is a bad word in my district
09:01 Bonnie : @loonyhiker can you embed voice threads
09:01 loonyhiker : @nwinton not yet but want to during my course this summer . thx for the link
09:01 loonyhiker : @bonnie yes
09:01 PeggyG : yes voicethreads can be embedded
09:02 megbg : @Bonnie, here is an example of embedded early VT on my class blog
09:02 Msansonetti : @chuckholland How are the filters in your district?
09:02 megbg :
09:03 megbg : Our filters are pretty strict
09:03 chuckholland : They filter everything good
09:04 Bonnie : really like arrangement of this room
09:04 Msansonetti : @chuckholland is it easy to get things open? If they are blocked but have "value"
09:04 rdrunner :
09:04 ijesspederson : i never see him use paper, kinda funny
09:04 rdrunner : that's what I think he just handed out
09:05 ijesspederson : his version is on
09:05 chuckholland : they are getting better. My Ning has been unblocked
09:05 JenW : are we thinking???
09:05 Robletcher : Love #8
09:05 rdrunner : Did John talk about the origin of the manifesto?
09:05 ijesspederson : heh, they are reading,lol
09:05 Robletcher : And #9
09:05 ijesspederson : @rdrunner yes he did
09:05 Robletcher : Reading this:
09:06 JenW : thanks
09:06 ijesspederson : his version of the manifesto that is
09:06 JenW : I think 26 needs more than just 3 conversations
09:06 N Winton : Interesting discussion about filtering going on on Would be good to hear your voices.
09:07 PeggyG : I must have missed this--who is developing this manifesto and is it designed for parents?
09:07 JenW : and #35 is very important. We cannot neglect F2F
09:07 rdrunner : @peggyg my question too - what is the origin?
09:07 JenW : Sending an email to a parent to avoid a F2F is wrong
09:07 loonyhiker : i love the #46
09:08 JenW : smiles -- some of us wait sometimes :)
09:08 JenW : on #46
09:08 JenW : parents cannot be reduced to email addresses
09:08 loonyhiker : but i can see the kids thinking #46 and ready to go and we try to hold them back
09:08 mjmontagne : n winton...where is the discussion on that wiki page??
09:08 kimcaise : what is a flack or huckster?
09:08 rdrunner : just sent tweet - hopefuly someone will ask John our qeustion about origin
09:09 JenW : yes, what is a flack or huckster?
09:09 rdrunner : I can see someone has tweetdeck open
09:09 Robletcher : Huckster is a con man
09:09 JenW : Jess -- CALL JOHN :)
09:09 Robletcher : ...or woman
09:09 Robletcher : ;-)
09:09 Tom_Turner : Is that a Jen Wagner sighting by me? and good morning everyone..just waking up here...i'm so behind
09:09 JenW : does anyone in the REAL room have this chat open??
09:09 JenW : Hey Tom!! :)
09:09 ijesspederson : @JenW if i did that we may hear SWEARING,lol
09:09 JenW : :)
09:09 mjmontagne : looks like a whole bunch of mac books/MB pros in there
09:10 JenW : DM me his phone -- I can call him
09:10 ijesspederson : lol
09:10 rdrunner : all those computers and no one is listening ;-)
09:10 tmeister : Has anyone seen the Kaplan commercials running recently? Its post secondary, but they seem to get it.
09:10 loonyhiker : @rdrunner almost sounds like a bad joke :)
09:10 JenW : hmmm sad that this is not up on the board or anything like that
09:10 tmeister : yay
09:10 megbg : @JenW I agree and I also think that many of those conversations overlap and intertwine
09:10 megbg : @Jenw I am here
09:10 rdrunner : yeah someone is hearing us
09:11 Robletcher : can't hear his answer
09:11 ijesspederson : @rdrunner yes, john should be checking this chat! ;)
09:11 willrich45 : Cluetrain Manifesto
09:11 JenW : YEAH Meg!!!
09:11 N Winton : @mjmontagne: Edit the page to add your thoughts. The discussion is happening on blogs and will be one of the major topics at the Ed2020 un-conference
09:11 Robletcher : thanks, Will
09:11 PurpleCar : K I'm here
09:11 JenW : and yeah to WILL
09:11 ijesspederson : hi meg
09:11 rdrunner : but John doesn't have a computer
09:11 ijesspederson : tell john to speak up ;)
09:11 rdrunner : hi john
09:11 JenW : Like the facial hair, WillRich45
09:11 ijesspederson : hi honey
09:11 loonyhiker : hi john! i'm waving back!
09:12 ijesspederson : @rdrunner i'm sure it is in the room, his computer that is
09:13 PeggyG : interesting comment about Shurky's book
09:13 Tom_Turner : gah....still bummed couldn't get the approval to go up there...was stuck going to FETC
09:13 PurpleCar : I was really disappointed in that book
09:13 David : Testing!
09:14 David : This is really too many channels.......
09:14 PurpleCar : what other channel? twitter?
09:14 David : twitter, the blog I'm writing, this, the stuff I'm reading here. I'm not wired for this...
09:15 loonyhiker : @david u would be if u were a woman :)
09:15 Msansonetti : Sorry @Tom_Turner last year was my last FETC and no money for SLA this year
09:15 rdrunner : @david life is about choices ;-)
09:15 rdrunner : fetc?
09:15 Msansonetti : Florida ed tech conference
09:15 JenW : this is KarenJan??
09:16 loonyhiker : yes
09:16 PeggyG : thank you
09:16 Tom_Turner : Hey you.....I didn't see much improvement other then maybe the 5 sessions I attended
09:16 loonyhiker : i met karenjan in boston last year at our national cec convention :)
09:16 jmason : cluetrain manifesto
09:17 PurpleCar : i like how John said he used Cluetrain Manifesto to look at education. Genius!
09:17 Msansonetti : @Tom_Turner that is sad.. to vendor driven if you ask me
09:17 Robletcher : I agree with Will - I WISH parents would be this connected - if not networked
09:17 Michelle : I think parents DON'T know there's more schools should be doing.
09:17 Robletcher : There is a learnied acceptance
09:18 Lucy : I guess I have the view that if it's not what I want in terms of my kids' schooling
09:18 Lucy : I should go elsewhere
09:18 Lucy : and that's probably wrong
09:18 Robletcher : @Michelle - Perhaps
09:18 Lucy : I think one of the reasons I love visiting schools... is to see what's out there for my own children.
09:18 Michelle : I talk to as many parents as I can in my community - SOME want more, but don't know how to go about getting it. Willing to stick with status quo
09:18 ijesspederson : @Lucy i don't think that's wrong
09:18 JenW : Question for David Warlick -- since his children HAVE gone through the system. Did he feel he had a voice as a parent
09:18 N Winton : It's not just parents who don't know there's more thast schools should be doing. There're a lot of teachers who don't know either...
09:18 Lucy : I have ulterior motives :)
09:19 Bonnie : @Lucy for those of us in small rural areas we don't have the choice to go elsewhere
09:19 Lucy : Right
09:19 Lucy : And
09:19 Michelle : Agreed, N Winton
09:19 JenW : And as a teacher -- did he give a VOICE to the parents??
09:19 tmeister : Ironic that a group of the best teachers I knew got together and home schooled their own children, rather than fight the system.
09:19 loonyhiker : @nwinton and some admins don't either
09:19 Lucy : and teachers are generally isolated. How do you know what else is out there unless you go to things like Educon?
09:19 N Winton : @JenW: If you blog your class the parents have a voice in the comments.
09:19 Msansonetti : What do you do if your district makes excuses for parents not knowing or "the parents don't have a way to connect"?
09:20 rdrunner : research speaks to principal in establishing culture that gives voice to parent
09:20 N Winton : @loonyhiker: LOTS of admins don't know...
09:20 Lucy : I was just twittering about how people have said to me that I know too much in the context of seeking the ideal school
09:20 JenW : I don't think a blog is the only way to communicate with parents
09:20 Michelle : Even my husband has trouble 'getting it' and he lives with me
09:20 JenW : it is ONE WAY -- but I think you have to meet F2F as well
09:20 rdrunner : @msans what kind of excuses?
09:20 mjmontagne : many people in a school community are impressed when they see a teacher using a digital white board
09:20 Lucy : And my reply to that is... if I know too much, then other people know too little
09:20 PurpleCar : here's our website for our parents, that they don't read:
09:20 PurpleCar : I'll take ANY suggestions on how to get people involved. PLEASE.
09:20 Bonnie : i agree Lucy - they need to know more
09:20 Lucy : ruthlessing learning.. like that phrase
09:20 andy p : how do you open communication while setting appropriate boundaries so teachers are not bombarded
09:20 Michelle : I want to hear about the wisconsin parent project here.
09:20 N Winton : @JenW: absolutely. We've just been complaining about a teacher that didn't want to meet us. Goit the message via email...
09:21 Lucy : er ruthlessly
09:21 mmiller7571 : yes, principal establishes the culture but now I have to promote tech communication
09:21 loonyhiker : i like making the f2f connection to establish a relationship and then have online interactions to nurture the relationship
09:21 tmeister : And many parents are encouraging this learning outside of the classroom..
09:21 mjmontagne : yikes, typing is realy loud!
09:21 Robletcher : Wow - that is the loudest typing ever
09:21 Robletcher : :-)
09:21 Msansonetti : @rdrunner They are lower social ec. so we can't go digital. they don't have a way to get to the school so don't have them come at night, etc
09:21 N Winton : Loud typing usually means a MacBook... ;o)
09:21 Michelle : I'm close to mic, but my keyboard is quite
09:21 tmeister : after banging your head into a brick wall for so long, eventually you decide to go around
09:21 Michelle : quiet
09:21 Lucy : I agree with Karen.. politics are everywhere
09:21 Robletcher : Ame, David
09:21 Robletcher : Amen
09:22 JenW : I think by going to "online" communication and expecting it to be 100% successful is incorrect and many parents will fall out of the loop
09:22 jeanninestamand : many parents don't want to give control over to students
09:22 mjmontagne : do some parent ed events and show them some possibilities...bring parents into the learning community
09:22 mmiller7571 : do you set up a separate twitter account for parents not m y personal account right?
09:22 mjmontagne : who can be part of the learning community??
09:22 loonyhiker : who shouldn't be part of the learning community?
09:22 Msansonetti : @miller7571 twitter is not allowed in my district
09:22 Lucy : @msansonetti I think lower SES families are more connected than you'd think. Have you surveyed your community?
09:22 rdrunner : would love your sites added to Parent 2.0 wiki
09:22 JenW : who is speaking, please??
09:23 PurpleCar : @budtheteacher is speaking
09:23 N Winton : Some 'creative' fantasy writing about education here:
09:23 Tom_Turner : looks like Bud
09:23 PurpleCar : Bud Hunt
09:23 PeggyG : whatever the form of communication it needs to invite and welcome participation--many parents don't feel the school wants to hear their voices--sadly
09:23 Lucy : Agree, Peggy.
09:23 JenW : Peggy -- I would agree with that
09:23 Bonnie : thanks purplecar, can put a face to a "name"
09:23 Msansonetti : @lucy I agree but I don't have the power to do much... complicated
09:23 Lucy : I think there is some truth to that
09:23 JenW : but that should not shut them up
09:23 Lucy : The trust level between a lot of schools and parents needs work
09:24 mjmontagne : nobody wants their kid to be part of an experiment, tho...people would rather stay the course with existing model than experiement
09:24 Michelle : considering a ning for my small community - not at my current school district, but the one my kids will attend
09:24 chuckholland : Parents do feel they have the time to participate. We get very low turnout for open houses.
09:24 PeggyG : yes trust level is critical!
09:24 Lucy : Agree, Matt. Totally
09:24 N Winton : In a sense, new communication channels should be used to enhance the existing and long established ones. Not to supplant them...
09:24 mmiller7571 : it has taken me 5 years to establish trust within my school for open communication now I feel we can communicate the good and the bad and not hurt feelings
09:24 rdrunner : @Michelle can send a link to a parent ning for example for you
09:24 loonyhiker : i got into trouble w/ an admin for communicating too much w/ parents
09:24 JenW : MMiller -- Melinda??
09:24 loonyhiker : i made other tchrs look bad
09:24 Msansonetti : new super wants more customer service and trying to school him on tech options... again complicated b/c boss doesn't like it when i have new ways to do things
09:25 N Winton : @mjmontagne : Depressing thought. That's why we're still stuck with a 19th Century model of Ed
09:25 mmiller7571 : @chuckholland Open house is a thing of the past we are trying to come up with alternative opportuities
09:25 tim : Those darn administrators...
09:25 mmiller7571 : Yes, It' melinda Hey JenW
09:25 rdrunner : @loonyhiker there is a line - but it should be about the kind of invovlemetn teacher has in community (think parties) not the amount of communication
09:25 ijesspederson : awe the paper war goes on here too...drives me nuts
09:25 PeggyG : yes-Open House is more about show and tell, not conversation
09:25 JenW : I think 5 years is pretty good :)
09:25 chuckholland : @mmiller7571 i agree but administrators love them
09:26 loonyhiker : parents trusted me and that scared the admin - i was open and honest w/ parents about their children
09:26 JenW : we want change OVERNIGHT and forget it takes a while
09:26 mmiller7571 : We are actually not having open house next year, trying to find a replacement
09:26 rdrunner : Open house can still support conversation - depends on will and format
09:26 JenW : Ohhh Melinda -- I look forward to hearing more
09:26 N Winton : Can you guys not use the Obama model of open government to drive through changes?
09:26 mmiller7571 : I actually asked my PTO about open house and they said they just come because they think they have to:):):) They would rather have another night of conferences
09:26 Msansonetti : @JenW baby steps is what i tell myself everyday
09:26 Lucy : JenW, it doesn't have to take a long time
09:26 ijesspederson : @JenW it is hard to wait when your child in there NOW ;)
09:26 N Winton : Also the Pope is now on YouTube...
09:26 mmiller7571 : in the spring
09:26 Lucy : Look at Google's guiding principles
09:26 Lucy : Fast is good.
09:26 Bonnie : we have "open house" the teachers must lecture for 20 mins what the class will be like; no parent/teacher conv.
09:26 Lucy : We need to get over this slow stuff.
09:26 Lucy : We don't have TIME to be slow.
09:27 rdrunner : @lucy hear hear
09:27 ijesspederson : love that term "homeschool my kids on technology".... we do that too!
09:27 JenW : Don't agree totally with that, Lucy
09:27 Lucy : I cannot tell you how struck I was on my recent trip to Asia
09:27 Msansonetti : Speaking of Obama I am hoping his embracing of tech. will help people see the change in tech. ed. that needs to occur
09:27 Lucy : we are really behind.
09:27 JenW : I would agree with that
09:27 Bonnie : how about having parents/teachers/admin on teams to develop the change
09:27 tmeister : Its being surpressed
09:27 Lucy : We keep debating stuff that seems more accepted to me
09:28 Lucy : more accepted over there
09:28 Michelle : I, too, am tired of baby stepping it
09:28 N Winton : @Lucy: Interestingly, I think everyone thinks they are behind (BTW: I'm in Scotland)
09:28 rdrunner : @bonnie yes that's the Epstein model
09:28 mmiller7571 : principals sometimes get tired of baby stepping too but we don't want to cram things down peoples throat
09:28 Lucy : I don't see being behind as a competition thing, although I think that's the initial perception
09:28 PeggyG : the kids may not understand what networked learning is but they do it/live it--it's not about "school learning"
09:28 Lucy : It's moving along a continuum for me
09:29 tmeister : And they probably don't get that in their work place
09:29 Lucy : we're stagnant
09:29 JenW : That is when it becomes an issue -- when there is no movement
09:29 N Winton : Is the reluctance to change caused by the lack of change in the 'final exam'?
09:29 JenW : as long as there is movement -- whether HUGE or SMALL.....I will not judge
09:29 rdrunner : @bonnie - see here
09:29 mjmontagne : I'm always impressed at the cool things students learn/places they visit over vacations...
09:29 mmiller7571 : sign up for Facebook and search for some of your students parents. You will be shocked!!!
09:29 Lucy : I think the reluctance to change is that there isn't a set of core shared values
09:29 loonyhiker : here is what our state supt. said about doing things and doing it quickly
09:30 Msansonetti : @N Winton we are asked to do alternative assessment but "the test" does still look the same... interesting concept to ponder
09:30 mjmontagne : I think we have to recognice that a tremendous amount of learning happens informally outside of school
09:30 rdrunner : principals need support in community development strategies, need to understand what engagemetn is
09:30 PeggyG : @rdrunner-fantastic resource-thanks for link!
09:30 JenW : has there ever been a core of shared values??
09:30 mjmontagne : I, too, think we take ourselves a little too seriously...
09:30 PurpleCar : nice links
09:30 Bonnie : @drunner thanks
09:30 jeanninestamand : parents get social networks, students get social networks - few see the connection to networked learning
09:30 JenW : my question is WHERE do we go from here?
09:31 JenW : we know the problem -- what do we do to fix it
09:31 PurpleCar : yeah I am not sure I know what "networked learning" is really
09:31 PurpleCar : any definitions?
09:31 chuckholland : They look at social networks as seprate from school and learning
09:31 Lucy : Yeah, Jen, what are the next steps?
09:31 PeggyG : great point Bud!
09:31 rdrunner : @JenW start with the principal, support them, develop them, and reward them
09:31 Dogtrax : As teachers, we need to continue to make the case for the reasons for tech, tho, right?
09:31 N Winton : @mjmontagne : That's something we're starting to try and come to terms with in Scotland. How do you give recognition for out-of-school learning?
09:31 JenW : Melinda -- do you agree with rdrunner??
09:31 mmiller7571 : cracks me up with all of them with their laptops, lots of people still don't understand using laptops in meetings
09:31 JenW : as a principal??
09:32 loonyhiker : i have been mtg w/ tchrs and encouraging them and supporting them in taking baby steps
09:32 Lorna : parents as partners will be doing an elluminate session for parents on FB in february
09:32 Dogtrax : And we need to show how tech enhances our curriculum and it not just something cool
09:32 Michelle : I'm proud of our HS principal! Doing things in spite of super not "approving"
09:32 JenW : My poor PC would feel very out of place there
09:32 mmiller7571 : going to fast JenW I have to scrol up:):):)
09:32 kernkelley : @purplecar I think "networked learning" is conversations that we've had, the difference being those we can now have a conversation with anyone/everyone
09:32 PeggyG : we need to model the importance of technology by using it--not teaching about it
09:32 Michelle : laptops banned in our admin staff meetings
09:32 rdrunner : as teachers, challenge the status quo - even in the absence of principal leadership can build culture in single classroom
09:32 JenW : Melinda -- does it start with support for the ADMIN first
09:32 rdrunner : @michelle - omg "they" don't get it
09:32 Msansonetti : @michelle I got introuble for taking notes on my personal blackberry
09:32 ijesspederson : @Michelle that is sad
09:32 JenW : Ask the room when is the last time they TALKED with a parent
09:32 tmeister : A recent commercial being run by Kaplan, imagine this in context of k-12
09:33 chuckholland : Teachers do not trust their students to do more than one thing
09:33 loonyhiker : @msansonetti that is really sad
09:33 N Winton : @PeggyG: true, but always remember it's the teach, not the tech that makes the real difference. Albeit that the teacher's role is changing.
09:33 kevinprentiss : @tmeister I'm meeting with kaplan on tuesday
09:33 kevinprentiss : to talk about implementing that commercial
09:33 mmiller7571 : Principals have no idea how easy tech can make their lives initially then will find there way to all the learning tools hard to explain
09:33 kernkelley : @chuckholland - and what are they really asking them to do? Sit still and behave, or learn by doing
09:33 N Winton : Rats. Got to go. Will this be archived?
09:33 PeggyG : @N Winton-yes! and teachers roles must change
09:34 JenW : NWinton - -yes
09:34 mjmontagne : bye Nwinton...
09:34 loonyhiker : many need to know that they can use tech "instead of" and not "in addition to"
09:34 mmiller7571 : Doesn't everything start with a personal connection then see the bigger picture
09:34 jeanninestamand : @n winton: but when the teach doesn't make the differnce, the tech might
09:34 tmeister : @kevinprentiss I've only seen the commercials, but would like to find out more...sounds like the right direction
09:34 mmiller7571 : Principals need to see the personal connection really soon
09:34 Michelle : No says anything to me - I think they realize I'm doing work , but super fears fooling around durin gmeeting. Trust issue
09:34 JenW : Tools can disconnect as well as connect
09:34 chuckholland : @kernkelley if a student is doinig something else at they same time then they are not paying attention to the teacher.
09:34 kevinprentiss : @tmeister - we'll see. it's a little hype, but they are interested in following through
09:34 kgd : IS this chat going to be archived someplace?
09:34 Dogtrax : "... to let teachers figure out on their own" -- true, but yikes! not always effective
09:34 kevinprentiss : I will blog about it
09:35 megbg : But, how many of us are doing other things at the same time AND paying attention?
09:35 mjmontagne : Institutional inerti....tough to get around...
09:35 Lorna : I find it interesting that we seem to be having the same discussion over and over about getting people involved
09:35 mmiller7571 : my neighbor across the street just started college and they can't have their laptop in some classes
09:35 tmeister : @kevingprentiss great, I will look for it
09:35 Lorna : what are we doing to change this?
09:35 JenW : @lorna agree -- but do appreciate there is a place to have this discussion --
09:35 kernkelley : @chuckholland agreed, but what is the student being asked to do?
09:35 mmiller7571 : @loma kind of like new year's resolutions:):):)
09:35 JenW : still waiting to hear though on WHAT'S NEXT
09:35 mmiller7571 : Gotta keep trying
09:35 rdrunner : @kgd chat needs to be manually captured. I'll be doing so and will post to wiki
09:36 loonyhiker : thx rdrunner!
09:36 kgd : @rdrunner---that you!
09:36 PeggyG : @Lorna-Will just addressed your question!! :-)
09:36 loonyhiker : @jenw and how many were saying - now what? :)
09:36 mjmontagne : do u follow parents in facebook, twitter, linkedIN??
09:36 JenW : over and over and over addressing the same issues -- each time, getting stronger, fine-tuning
09:36 Lorna : sorry I missed that
09:36 Michelle : I picked a bad seat - profile on camera. Ugh
09:36 JenW : @loonyhiker -- yes
09:37 Michelle : I keep FB to f2f connections for me.
09:37 mmiller7571 : @mjmontagne a few parents found me on Facebook and follow me but I don't do anything other than family stuff and kid updates
09:37 Bonnie : @rdrunner can you capture the entire chat? I can only scroll back so far
09:37 kernkelley : @JenW and provided the answers for questions that others don't even realize they have yet
09:37 JenW : Bonnie -- do a control A -- it grabs what you don't see
09:37 mmiller7571 : @scottelias has a way to do Facebook with his students that I need to figure out to do with my parents
09:37 Bonnie : thanks jen
09:37 JenW : Yes, we spur each other to new ideas
09:37 David : I think that part of the task is to make parents a part of the learning conversation. Invite them to Skype into your class, evaluate student writing or multime
09:38 rdrunner : @Bonnie I have chat frmo beginning - at least 10:44 which I think was start
09:38 Bonnie : ok
09:38 JenW : most of my teachers would cringe at what you just suggested, David. But I agree
09:38 mjmontagne : @mmiller...perhaps you could create a group in FB for your parents or something
09:38 megbg : @David, I would LOVE to use SKYPE and ask every year, a couple of times, district blocks it!
09:38 kernkelley : Question: Is an assumption that we have is, Eduction is a public endeavor. VS Eduction is a private practice.
09:39 mmiller7571 : @mjmontagne yes I need to figure that out when scrolling through one parents "friends" I noticed a TON of other parents on FB
09:39 mjmontagne : @David...that is an EXCELLENT idea...brinking parents into the learning community in authentic, meaningful ways
09:39 loonyhiker : we don't have teacher unions here
09:39 mmiller7571 : I had no idea FB was going to be the way to them:):):) Tried everything else
09:39 Dogtrax : Yes, bring parents in but remember: access issues are a problem for many families
09:39 rdrunner : @David, Chris L. has said, however, that we do need to give kids some private space in schools and not be "always on" with parents - esp more senior students
09:39 jenverschoor : Will parents have time to join authentic learning communities ?
09:40 JenW : wow, David tried it out with us first before bringing it to the room
09:40 JenW : :)
09:40 Dogtrax : You don't want JUST the wealthy and JUST the connected .. you want all families to have possibility
09:40 rdrunner : @jenerschoor we should all be learners in communities, in fact we are already
09:40 jeanninestamand : @mjmontagne I had a session discussing that with parents...some liked FB, many really think it is the wrong spot :(
09:40 mmiller7571 : my secretary is out on medical leave and I skyped her into the office computers for fun
09:40 mjmontagne : if syncrhonous means don't work, have a parent with expertise in an area leave comments on student forum/blog posts
09:40 JenW : btw -- this has been an excellent conversation
09:40 JenW : thanks iJohn for leading it
09:41 jmason : even most tech -rich , connected classroom have at best "walled gardens" connections
09:41 loonyhiker : i love the skype video where a student w/ leukemia comes to class through skype
09:41 Msansonetti : i have to go... sometimes hate being an educator - family thinks I have all the answers about their kids! Have to deal with that. Great to be here! TTYL
09:41 kernkelley : we're building the framework to do something like that - initially for 'virtual fieldtrips' but, once built we can use it to send a student skype camera crew to
09:41 kevinprentiss : this is so amazing. thank you, thank you
09:41 JenW : but I will ask one more time -- where do we go from here
09:41 mmiller7571 : I have even heard iJohn yet:):):)
09:41 jenverschoor : Thanks for sharing this with the world!!
09:41 mmiller7571 : headcam must hav squished him
09:41 PeggyG : CoverItLive is a fantastic conversation tool
09:41 mjmontagne : @jeannine...yeah, maybe facebook isn't the right space...
09:41 JenW : @MMiller -- nope, which he probably planned
09:41 loonyhiker : by @msansonetti
09:41 chuckholland : See ya later Maryann
09:41 ijesspederson : he planned not to talk much ;)
09:41 Msansonetti : bye all!
09:42 mmiller7571 : good plan for him:):):)
09:42 loonyhiker : @jenw doing what we can, take baby steps,
09:42 mjmontagne : we've ustreamed some events and it helps non-traditional parents feel a little more connected...
09:42 loonyhiker : john did a great job with this session!
09:42 JenW : @loonyhiker -- I am all for baby steps
09:42 rdrunner : right on - you have to invite them in
09:42 kernkelley : once again, is education a public or private thing?
09:42 Bonnie : many teachers are afraid to bring parents in ; very uncomfortable
09:42 JenW : Kern -- I think it is both
09:42 rdrunner : Too often our schools say "you're not welcome"
09:42 Dogtrax : Parents have to be invited ... as a parent, I don't really feel invited into my kids' curriculum
09:42 jeanninestamand : WillRich - so true what he says
09:42 PeggyG : great question from Will-many teachers in my experience actually didn't want parents in their classrooms
09:42 rdrunner : see pushor's site
09:42 loonyhiker : i think when we bring parents in, it also makes tchrs accountable and some don't like that
09:43 JenW : @Kern -- that is my kneejerk -- but will think about your question more today
09:43 mmiller7571 : teachers are not trained to work parents they are trained to work with kids, it takes a while to develope trust with parents
09:43 rdrunner : Pushor talks about changing the landscape of school
09:43 tmeister : Another Kaplan add, for sure some hype, but the message...
09:43 chuckholland : My childrens teachers are uncomfortable when I come and visit.
09:43 willrich45 : I wish I could follow this chat and talk and listen and type and think at the same time.
09:43 rdrunner : and yes @mmiller we need to include this pd as a pre-service component
09:43 PeggyG : @loonyhiker-I think you're right--teachers are threatened (some teachers)
09:43 Dogtrax : Access ... again .. big issue in so many places
09:43 mjmontagne : once a school becomes a learning community we come to understand that we can all be teachers and learners
09:43 JenW : I think the Kaplan ads are insulting to teachers in a way to drive people to their services
09:43 kernkelley : @JenW thanks, I think we all assume it's a public process, and the mistakes that come from it are part of that process
09:43 Lorna : @ will I'm cooking lucnh for 6
09:43 loonyhiker : i had an open door policy w/ parents (as long as admin cleared it) and that made other tchrs mad
09:44 rdrunner : we need community partnerships to help provide parents with access
09:44 Bonnie : our elem has an unwritten policy - parents are not welcome during the day
09:44 jeanninestamand : @willrich45 the chat room feels the same way...wish we were there!
09:44 mmiller7571 : I was scared of parents 15 yeras ago, I am still scared of my own parents:):):) Just kidding
09:44 JenW : @kern -- would like to touch base on thie later
09:44 mjmontagne : change the landscape of the school to become a learning community where everyone can contribute
09:44 rdrunner : @Bonnie - that's Pushor's comment
09:44 jenverschoor : Parents mut be engaged and students must show them the way
09:44 mmiller7571 : go Bud!!!
09:44 tmeister : @JenW agree, but It makes one think
09:44 Bonnie : my classroom was always an open door policy - my principal would always "look" at me when parents would come in but never any comments
09:44 mjmontagne : now, not everyone is going to have the time, interest to contribute, but many will in creatieve and meaningful ways if given the chance
09:44 kevinprentiss : @jen3 re kaplan: agreed its marketing. they have to differentiate, but the direction is real. and some profs will fight for the old
09:45 kernkelley : @JenW absolutely - it's timely, it's the conversation I'm having with my admins at school now. I really think I'm convincing them
09:45 JenW : @kern -- something to truly think about
09:45 loonyhiker : @bonnie that is great
09:45 jeanninestamand : @mjmontage In my district teachers are starting to appreciate PLCs...but we need them to extend the PLC to include parents
09:45 Dogtrax : In our area, as budget cuts come, libraries get hit hard in our schools
09:45 tmeister : And eventually, if schools don
09:45 JenW : gotta go for a bit. catch you all in the next session!!!
09:45 JenW : THANKS iJohn!
09:45 Lucy : @JenW You really thought the ad posted here was insulting?
09:45 ijesspederson : bye jen
09:45 Dogtrax : We did not even have a librarian in my school for two years -- libe was shuttered
09:45 loonyhiker : bye jen
09:46 mmiller7571 : I may be wrong but just about EVERYONE regardles of income can get text messages
09:46 PeggyG : more parents will get involved when you are asking for their input of important issues to them--like the school library example he just shared
09:46 Dogtrax : Luckily, that changed with new principal
09:46 Lorna : depends what you mean by involvement
09:46 tmeister : t And eventually if it takes schools too long to get it, some other organization will fill the gap
09:46 mjmontagne : parents don't need to know about these networks...they just need to have a phone and they can be involved
09:46 loonyhiker : embarrassed to say but i don't do txt msg and had it taken off my phone
09:46 kernkelley : I don't buy that, parents are always impressed when I show them what their kids are working on
09:46 mjmontagne : @kernkelly...I'm with you
09:46 Dogtrax : You can get parents involved by doing projects around family stories that reach them on a meaningful level
09:46 mmiller7571 : @loonyhiker sign up and I will text you:):)
09:47 Lorna : @dogtrax You are so right
09:47 jmason : no cell phone
09:47 mjmontagne : @dogtrax...excellent idea!
09:47 Bonnie : sorry I live in mountain area and most of the are have no cell coverage; but survey shows over 80% of students have access at home
09:47 loonyhiker : :) mmiller
09:47 kernkelley : because they're 'playing' school rather than learning
09:47 mjmontagne : Let's shift the conversation to things like Dogtrax just can we bring parents into the learning community in non-traditional ways??
09:47 Bonnie : but many teachers have allowed that excuse
09:47 injenuity : I have internet access and I've only been to my daughter's school online resources a few times. I'm not engaged.
09:47 PeggyG : excuses abound :-)
09:47 rdrunner : Asking for comments in conversation about parent portal -
09:47 mmiller7571 : @mjmontagne GREAT IDEA
09:48 mmiller7571 : We need to get over the idea that the need toCOME TO THE SCHOOL
09:48 Michelle : can you explain @injenuity
09:48 rdrunner : @injenuity - I think just having the resources there isn't very engaging
09:48 kernkelley : @mjmontage we've been doing student showcases where parent are invited and get about 85% participate
09:48 megbg : Thanks B ud, I really like what you just said about optimism
09:48 tmeister : My kid had a powerpoint presentation to do and I was more upset that they were forced to use the tool or the sake of using it, (so yesterday...)
09:48 loonyhiker : ask for parents help on a wiki
09:48 Dogtrax : Cross-generational interviews are a key way to get family involved
09:48 Bonnie : I want nametags on the desks there
09:48 mmiller7571 : Do you want to go back to school after you get home and get settled for the evening
09:48 ijesspederson : @injenuity me too, ours is only about paying for school lunch and when the next sporting event is ...
09:48 rdrunner : @injenuity - parents need support/ideas/student help to engage children with resources
09:49 PeggyG : such a great point--involvement doesn't just mean getting parents to come to school
09:49 mjmontagne : @kernkelly...that is fantastic idea!!
09:49 kernkelley : @mjmontagne It's realllly fun
09:49 mjmontagne : are we podcasting/recording parent events for those who couldn't make it?? That is another, simple thing to involve them
09:49 tim : always with the excuses.... :-)
09:49 Dogtrax : Go to family ... OK, but then does our own family suffer? (our own personal lives)
09:50 mjmontagne : EVERY parent function should be recorded and posted for parents who can't attend
09:50 Dogtrax : Sorry to be negative .. just wondering how to juggle that
09:50 chuckholland : we have to have time with our family
09:50 mjmontagne : home visits aren't for everyone
09:50 injenuity : They've sent home pieces of paper with logins to reading and other projects she's doing, but it doesn't engage me at all.
09:50 Lorna : technology night lead by children for theri parents
09:50 rdrunner : involvement takes many forms - see Epstein's work on parent engagement models - can be just having parent invovled 1:1 with own student
09:50 mjmontagne : some parents are embarrased about their living situation...
09:50 injenuity : I signed up for the PTA mom group online and don't even remember where it is to log back in
09:50 rdrunner : think about why we want parents invovled - for me its student learning - and then plan strategies
09:50 jeanninestamand : Yes Lorna...but make sure they know its not cyber safety...many parents see "tech night" as how to protect the kids!
09:50 Lorna : this is just such a great conversation
09:50 kernkelley : have the students be the 'tech help' I've done that before
09:51 injenuity : I hand write notes to the teacher and she writes back :)
09:51 tim : Many early childhood programs have home visits as a key component...
09:51 mjmontagne : that is so cool about that teacher in MO who ustreams his classes all day long
09:51 Dogtrax : A digital storytelling night for families? I know some folks have done this twist on Literacy Night
09:51 Bonnie : i want parents involved to inspire their children to learn in ways that are different from how they learned
09:51 chuckholland : I get to talk to a lot of my parents at sporting events.
09:51 mmiller7571 : @tim great idea my parents as teachers can start the trend
09:52 mjmontagne : I get the kids and families in his classes have more meaningful dinner table convesations
09:52 Lorna : epstein has the model alreeady in place
09:52 Lorna : richard ramos makes it work
09:52 rdrunner : @bonnie - perfect, so what do we need to do to support parents for that to happen
09:52 Neil Winton : I know what you're saying about work/life balance, but I think that model is being replaced by online connectedness.
09:52 Dogtrax : "Get involved in the community where we live, not necessarily where we work"
09:52 mjmontagne : the digital storytelling nite idea...because EVERYONE has a story
09:52 Dogtrax : Hmmm
09:52 jeanninestamand : It is great that EduCon has this session for ideas to get parents involved - we need all edtech conferences to do the same
09:52 rdrunner : @bonnie and tell parents that's why we want them involved
09:52 tim : that lady talking now is correct... fix your own part of the world...
09:52 mjmontagne : @jeannine...I agree
09:52 Lorna : I so wish we could have the mic
09:53 mjmontagne : he needs to think out of the box..."I deal with teachers only"
09:53 Dogtrax : I know if my kids' teachers said: come in and let's make a story with technology (or even, without technology), I would be there
09:53 rdrunner : glad that we're hearing the range of voices here -
09:53 jeanninestamand : teachers in training get almost no info on connectig with parents
09:53 mjmontagne : he shouldn't deal with teachers only...he should deal with everyone in the learning community
09:53 tim : yes...
09:53 mmiller7571 : yes
09:53 Neil Winton : The 168 hour week is on us: (maybe!)
09:53 kernkelley : through the kids
09:53 megbg : @Neil LOL!!
09:54 jeanninestamand : @lorna, matt, cindy - you need the attendance list to get future guests
09:54 mjmontagne : home visits seem like they're great, but again, for many, the home is the sanctuary and some people are embarrased by their home
09:54 PeggyG : parents could INVITE you into their home if they'd like to gather a few parents to learn about using tech to support their kids :-)
09:54 mjmontagne : @jeannine...good point
09:54 ijesspederson : ijohnpederson do it!
09:54 mmiller7571 : FB appears to be where I am going to reach many of my parents currently but we have HUGE parent involvment in my building
09:54 jmason : its the teacher's job to open the classroom . its the parents's job to go in
09:54 rdrunner : @peggyG - what was the school we featured on PaP - start school year with home visits?
09:54 Neil Winton : I'd be wary of going to a parent's home (physically). Online is safer...
09:55 ijesspederson : and we live 2 doors away from the assistant principle
09:55 mmiller7571 : I don't think parents want the princpal to come to their home:):):) have done that a few times for non-tech reasons:):):)
09:55 loonyhiker : @jmason but we can't just talk the talk, we have to make the parents know they are really welcome
09:55 PeggyG : It was Madison Park in Phoenix AZ
09:55 rdrunner : @jmason - hmm, as long as "open" is communicated, we can't sit back and wait for them to show up
09:55 Neil Winton : Back to Blue!
09:55 mmiller7571 : I would be happy to go their house for more positive reasons
09:55 cap : creating a class ning network and inviting parents to join would also help
09:55 loonyhiker : when i first started teaching sped, none of my parents had a phone and i had to make all home visits :)
09:55 cap : they can contribute to the learning
09:56 jmason : why do we think the technology is going to change parent participation
09:56 tim : who is speaking now?
09:56 mjmontagne : this guy is off base
09:56 rdrunner : Madison Park school consciously visits every home at start of school year - helps families know their participation is wanted
09:56 Robletcher : @jmason Right - agreed
09:56 mjmontagne : Parents want what is best for their kids
09:56 cap : that is not true.... does he have kids
09:56 Dogtrax : If you do Ning, though, you have advertisements, right? (all those Pimp My Website ads). Do we want that for parents?
09:56 budtheteacher : who's off base?
09:56 PurpleCar : people are using the tch. I just have to reach them where they are
09:56 PurpleCar : tech*
09:56 Robletcher : The technology will not increase the desire to take part - but it does allow more avenues
09:56 Neil Winton : In Scotland, Glow is going to make schools much more open to parents... IF they have an internet connection.
09:56 mjmontagne : guy talking
09:56 rdrunner : per Peggy G Madison Park is in Phoenix
09:56 PeggyG : it won't be all technology --must also include f2f
09:56 cap : yes more avenues is right
09:56 megbg : I think people do WANT to talk
09:57 mjmontagne : he isn't giving parents enuf credit
09:57 mjmontagne : completely disagree with him
09:57 loonyhiker : @jmason just like thinking tech will make the teacher a better teacher
09:57 kernkelley : so don't bother?? is that what he's saying?
09:57 PeggyG : Madison Park sends their entire faculty out to go door to door for their parents/kids to welcome them to the new school year.
09:57 chuckholland : @dogtrx i think people are used to the adds and for the most part ignore them
09:57 mjmontagne : all parents want to see their children succeed
09:57 cap : most teachers who are parents are interested in communicating with parents
09:57 jmason : @looneyhiker agreed
09:57 Neil Winton : The best thing about conferences is meeting my PLN f2f. Schools are no different, people are no different...
09:57 injenuity : Curriculum night at daughter's school. No tech required to gain parent participation.
09:57 cap : there is fear with opening com with parents
09:57 jeanninestamand : some say we get the government we we get the schools we deserve? maybe he's right...perhaps not enough parents care enough
09:58 tmeister : Part of it may be that that natural complexity of our situation almost defies easy understanding...
09:58 kernkelley : make it an event, like a bball game, or concert
09:58 cap : you are right ...some dont care enough, but we cant stop trying to connect with them
09:58 mjmontagne : again, the great thing about non-traditional parental involvement, is that you can involve disenfranchised parents in powerful ways
09:58 Michelle : ad free ning tips
09:58 mmiller7571 : you have to keep going you are keeping my 7 month old engaged too:):):
09:58 rdrunner : @tmeister - you mean what happens at school? theories of learning?
09:58 PeggyG : parents always come when their kids are involved--and they love food!
09:58 Neil Winton : The aloofness of the parent-teacher divide belongs with the old notion of teacher as authority that Wilrich has long since discredited.
09:58 Dogtrax : Food .. key to getting folks to come
09:59 tmeister : I thought the financial wizards were supposed to understand economics, oops.
09:59 loonyhiker : food - the great enticer :)
09:59 cap : request ad free ning as an educator
09:59 rdrunner : @neil - there is some research to suggest that the divide isn't just about aloofness
09:59 Neil Winton : @michelle: But what do you do when ning is blocked?
09:59 tmeister : @rdrunner, more a society in general...
09:59 kernkelley : @dogtrax food, door prize and getting their kids to 'drag' them there
09:59 Dogtrax : Ad-free Ning ... not for elementary age kids, though
09:59 Michelle : Ugh! I know Ning is blocked in my district - but not in homes
09:59 rdrunner : @dogtrax why not elementary?
10:00 Dogtrax : It's an age thing ... they are trying to meet fed guidelines
10:00 Lorna : richard ramos school podcast
10:00 Lorna :
10:00 cap : pilot a ning network with a small group... get permission show how it is being used elsewhere
10:00 rdrunner : we block the sites not because of what they can afford when used properly
10:00 jmason : one year we ran the busses in the evening to pick up the parents and bring them to school
10:00 Neil Winton : @rdrunner: I'd like alink if you can get me one (
10:00 Michelle : I'm talking ning for parents - not students
10:00 tmeister : @rdrunner Everyone thinks they know what kids need to succeed later in life, only to have the whole ball game change overnight
10:00 Michelle : as a way to bring them together around a common purpose
10:00 rdrunner : we block the sites in part because of all the bad bits that show up at the same time
10:00 Michelle : asynchronous,
10:01 Michelle : She's a black hat
10:01 ijesspederson : the woman who just spoke hit the nail on the head
10:01 rdrunner : We need tools that filter out the crap
10:01 PeggyG : thanks for sharing that link Lorna--lots of great tips for effective parent involvement in that podcast!
10:01 mmiller7571 : times are a changing door prizes and food dont always work anymore
10:01 Michelle : admin support would be helpful, for sure
10:01 rdrunner : @neil later today I'll send
10:01 mjmontagne changed their nickname to mjmontagne.
10:01 Michelle : iJohn has said very little. Good gig
10:01 Neil Winton : @rdrunner: Thanks!
10:02 PeggyG : we had a "read under the stars" night and parents/kids came with blankets, picnics and read together with flashlights--fantastic turnout :-)
10:02 cap : omg too funny
10:02 Neil Winton : @PeggyG : What a fantastic idea!
10:02 injenuity : @rdrunner At what point do we teach kids to identify the crap?
10:02 tmeister : good answer
10:02 Michelle : not sure why we are aruging here. We all want the same thing. Let's make a plan. Put forth some useful input
10:02 jeanninestamand : slay the gatekeepers!
10:02 Bonnie : well great conversation; have to go ; kids just arrived from nanas
10:02 mmiller7571 : @peggyG what was your purpose? Why did you want them to come to school?
10:03 cap : we are using a ning at the admin level... they see the need and feel its high time
10:03 jmason : lay the gatekeeper T-shirts
10:03 jmason : slay
10:03 cap : lay them or slay them
10:03 PeggyG : to enjoy reading together and to watch other families/kids/teachers enjoy reading together
10:03 cap : a big difference there
10:03 bhwilkoff : Mame the mothership cannot be what we get out of educon.
10:03 tmeister : Industry has been just as bad at practicing abandonment of the old and innovating toward the furute
10:03 Michelle : Superintendent let IT keep ning blocked. Tried twice, maybe next year
10:03 mmiller7571 : When gas prices went up and they wil again, I will have a hard time getting parents to come back to school because of 20 mi radius
10:03 Neil Winton : @cap: Whatever works... :o)
10:03 cap : :)
10:03 tim : ???
10:04 mjmontagne : create learning communiites...
10:04 cap : we have to lead by example... right on ...who is that guy...
10:04 cap : we need to continue to be persistent
10:04 mjmontagne : create learning communities, even if they start small...they will grow
10:05 chuckholland : great point...dont overload
10:05 PeggyG : yes Matt! excellent point! just start and it will grow!
10:05 cap : all pa eds can join .... all states should and could have them
10:05 mjmontagne : look at facebook...look at how many 30-50 YO are using it now...facebook is a learning community
10:05 Lorna : what ever you do the children must always be involved
10:05 Lorna : parents come when their children are doing something
10:05 mmiller7571 : @loma yes they will suck their parents in if they are excited
10:06 cap : not all is broken, modification and idealology is needed
10:06 Lorna : and pesonal invitation
10:06 ijesspederson : @mjmontagne we even have parents of friends in their 60's on facebook with us
10:06 cap : that is great
10:06 loonyhiker : lol
10:06 tmeister : that didn't sound good
10:06 ijesspederson : lol, into the student house!
10:06 mjmontagne :
10:07 PurpleCar : ok I'm out
10:07 Lorna : there is never any budget money to educate parents
10:07 mjmontagne : I think we spend too much time focusing on teacher PD...we should spend more time on students and parents
10:07 cap : but there is literacy grant money in communities
10:07 Lorna : and who's job is it?
10:07 mjmontagne : if you're a tech coordinator, what cutting edge projects can you do to model possibilities???
10:08 tmeister : And don't forget, society is at a cusp of major demographic changeover...the old generals will eventually retire...
10:08 cap : get kids to be part of your tech team
10:08 jmason : open the gates
10:08 chuckholland : this was great
10:08 PeggyG : fantastic conversation!! Thanks everyone!!
10:08 loonyhiker : thank u everyone for a great conversation!!!
10:08 cap : great conv. thanks!!!
End Backchannel Chat