The Best Educational Ideas in the World

Facilitators: Gary S. Stager, Ph.D.

Thoughts to consider:
1. Focus your efforts on people, not the system.

2. Collaborate - build your network continuously, using all the methods you can

3. Focus on using technology to construct knowledge, as opposed to merely doing work.

4. Develop ways to insulate (or isolate) tech innovators from the mainstream, as much as possible

5. Customize; resist efforts to standardize

6. Be entrepreneurial; look beyond what seem to be the givens

7. Document success every way you can; don't be shy about spreading the word

8. Find and enjoy things in addition to your work that enguage your enthusiasm

9. Relax - recognize that nearly all of today's schools are fundamentally incompatible with the stiill-to-be defined nature of learning in our technological age

10. It is productive to view ourselves as "slightly subsbversive" and "creatively insubordinate"