ChatKnock Down the Walls: Towards a Model of Open Pedagogy

Facilitator: Alec Couros

Backchannel Chat
[note the timestamps are MDT]
10:59 rdrunner : lving Alec and his passion
10:59 budtheteacher : I dig this intro - great activation of background knowledge.
11:00 rdrunner : go Alec!!!
11:00 crafty184 : Alec talking about Soulja Boy Tell 'Em and the Big Mac rap.
11:00 rdrunner : clap
11:02 jansmith : @crafty184 can't read your purple
11:03 crafty184 : @jansmith Sorry about that.
11:03 jmason : my nephew's 3rd album is offered on the net for barter. no money
11:03 jansmith : Hard to find one that works on black!
11:03 jmason changed their nickname to jeffmason.
11:03 Jerome : audio good?
11:04 jansmith : Audio good volume, byut I am getting a lot of breaking up--is it just me?
11:04 kyteacher : Audio is good for me.
11:04 jeffmason : 5by5 here
11:04 JenW : seems fine okay here
11:04 tim : sounds good in portland...
11:05 Jerome : okay :D
11:06 jansmith : Thanks fro your excellent work, Jerome (you the one behind this, right?)
11:06 Jerome : i'm filming
11:06 Jerome : managing this stream
11:07 cybrarianliz : i love this sone
11:07 cybrarianliz : song*
11:07 jansmith : I love how Wesch put it all together
11:07 cybrarianliz : one of my favs
11:07 jeffmason : hilarious
11:08 rdrunner : and this one is real - unlike the dancing in different places video
11:09 tmeister : And it could get you in a wheezer video someday.
11:09 crafty184 : Good thought @rdrunner these are amateurish but real, unlike the where the heck is matt videos
11:11 jansmith : social bridging
11:11 Mohamed : lol
11:11 JenW : however it still can be deceiving that you really do know someone just from twitter.
11:11 plind : i had that feeling when I logged in here and recognized a lot of the names
11:12 mmiller7571 : JenW the only skeleton in my closet is that I am a Nascar fan:):):)
11:12 rdrunner : hwere the h is matt was fake. can't find link but @courosa broadcast it
11:12 JenW : LOL -- uhoh...... go #88
11:12 mmiller7571 : How did you know
11:12 jansmith : I am loving the immediacy of this: what he is talking about happened a week ago.
11:12 bryanhughes : Twitter does creat the illiusion of a small commuity
11:12 tmeister : @rdrunner put on by a viral marketing company
11:15 jansmith : here is the link
11:15 shareski : Hey Chris, I can Skype if Alec wants me
11:16 JenW : hey Chris, let Alec pretty much all of us can skype in if Alec wants us :)
11:16 rdrunner : ECI831 was amazing - I'm in that picture onthe screen
11:16 jansmith : and you look beautiful :)
11:16 rdrunner : merci
11:17 crafty184 : Ok I will look for a chance to interrupt him and tell him.
11:17 rdrunner : likewise can skype in
11:17 mmiller7571 : yes let's skype and I can show @JenW am actually wearing my 88 shirt right now she would die
11:17 JenW : :)
11:17 budtheteacher : I also suspect that one advantage of Alec's approach with tools is that the work doesn't die when the course does.
11:17 JenW : @MMiller Nascar in CA in 26 days
11:18 kyteacher : @budtheteacher Very true.
11:18 rdrunner : yes thank you Alec's pLN. You changed my perspective on learning.
11:18 mmiller7571 : Valentine's day in Daytona can you imagine, okay we better stop or we are going to get our name on the board
11:18 JenW : agree, MM
11:19 kyteacher : Too much of my studies is sitting on a shelf or in a drawer somewhere.
11:19 shareski : I just saw Bud the Teacher
11:19 rdrunner : I post as much as I can - it's about getting feedback, all kinds, that stretches my learning
11:19 crafty184 : @shareski Yeah we stuck him in the corner.
11:19 kyteacher : Work, discussions, etc. are largely inaccessible later.
11:19 mcarls : Still not sold on Second Life, not many in our area using it.
11:19 jansmith : archiving of your thinking is one of the wonders of blogging: can show ourkids, ouselves our growth
11:20 cybrarianliz : SL hard to use at middle school level
11:20 shareski : Bud, wake up!
11:20 JenW : I have yet to see SL as a student portal -- but am enjoying conversations that happen there. True they could happen anywhere -- but glad there is the opportuni
11:20 rdrunner : @shareski - do you have a diff vid feed? I'm only seeing Alec
11:20 shareski : I don't think so?
11:21 kmurray : I'm sorry, what's the name of this session?
11:21 rdrunner : Break Down the Walls
11:21 budtheteacher : I'm awake, Dean. Just thinking. (It's hard for me and takes some effort.)
11:21 kmurray : thanks
11:21 mcarls : I knew I smelled smoke!?!?!
11:21 robwall : @JenW Students will benefit if SL serves as a good forum for teachers to connect and develop.
11:21 plind : most exciting part for me is the access to learning from a rural location -- wld have never thought of taking past my BSc living out here
11:22 shareski : Just came off the golf course...boy are my arms tired. (Sorry, that's a different joke)
11:22 tmeister : Just started doing some beginning work with students in an Opensim environment (SL like but open source)
11:22 plind : but now the flexibility and openess makes it a possibility
11:22 JenW : @robwall I am sure you will be right -- I still have not seen it
11:22 budtheteacher : Dean, I figured you were sitting in the clubhouse.
11:22 robwall : I haven't either, but I'm a text-o-phile. Twitter rocks for me. :-)
11:22 JenW : whether in SL, or Lively. Saw some examples in OpenSim -- but not enough yet to make a solid opinion
11:22 rdrunner : I believe you have to immersed in open yourself before you can be expected to teach this way, lead this way, make policy this way
11:23 shareski : wireless on this course...I dont' even want to see my 3G roaming charges
11:23 jansmith : "gift culture" new to me--great idea
11:23 tmeister : @JenW If you want to take a look, I have regions freely available to explore...
11:23 cap : there is a great virtual academy called 3dlearn for cyber school options... looks like what we could be modeling
11:23 plind : @rdrunner I will second that -- it is not something you can read about or told about
11:23 JenW : @tmeister --- thank you, yes
11:23 kmurray : I agree @rdtrunner but it's even tougher is making a community understand this is NOT science fiction.
11:23 jansmith : Like your "Share-eski", Dean.
11:24 budtheteacher : Dean - good luck with that.
11:24 JenW : Dean -- you are still in Florida??
11:24 rdrunner : @kmurray - that's the job in front of us - openvangelists
11:24 tmeister : @JenW Vicki Davis has some of her students exploring there.
11:24 shareski : @JenW for another 4.5 hours
11:24 kmurray : darn..getting copy with more noise :)
11:25 shareski : Bud's drinking coffee....
11:25 kmurray : sorry, can't spell this a.m. choppy
11:25 cap : hey steve its great to see you
11:25 shareski : I see Chris Lehmann
11:25 jansmith : With his new glasses
11:25 shareski : Chris, smile!
11:26 plind : @shareski you sound like an episode of polkadot door
11:26 budtheteacher : Caffiene free diet coke. Caffiene free. Which might be a problem later.
11:26 JenW : and I spy Will and iJohn as well
11:26 shareski : A Will RIchardson sighting
11:26 jansmith : and Diane Hammond I think.
11:26 rdrunner : should know - who is that speaking?
11:26 cap : they dont get it
11:26 budtheteacher : Dean - Playing PLN bingo or somethin'?
11:27 cap : steve hargadon.. classroom 2.0
11:27 JenW : Bud -- good idea for next year
11:27 shareski : @Bud...good idea
11:27 rdrunner : thansk cap
11:27 robwall : Wikipedia participation graphs as a power law.
11:27 cap : he is such a great proponent of openness
11:27 cap : also of cosn
11:28 robwall : But the cumulative effect of all the small edits is astonishing.
11:28 budtheteacher : No a bad idea. But here you go.
11:28 jansmith : @Jerome, you're doing a great job of following the discussion, thank you.
11:28 cybrarianliz : @robwall its amazing the amount on knowledge there
11:28 JenW : @Bud -- I will leave a name off accidentally and will be banished :)
11:28 shareski : I've got hungry company....If I don't get the call in the next minute, I'm outta here.
11:29 shareski : Diane Hammond
11:29 JenW : the day speaking is Diane Hammond??
11:29 JenW : the lady??
11:29 robwall : @cybrarianllz Also generates some interesting questions is the nature of knowledge itself.
11:29 mjmontagne : incredible to see all of the people I know in the virtual world in that room cool
11:29 jansmith : no, grey hair is Diane, Diane does Yes I Can Science
11:29 123 : Sounds like my spouse talking - does not like
11:29 robwall : @shareski Isn't it about your nap time anyway?
11:29 123 : Twitter
11:30 shareski : @robwall....lunch time
11:30 shareski : I'm starved
11:30 JenW : yes, we had her on WOW but I only know the voice,not the face
11:30 budtheteacher : @jenw - one of many downsides. And it's a distraction. Already spent too much time on it.
11:30 mjmontagne : FB creates a unique confluence of life experiences...
11:30 robwall : @shareski Make sure you don't forget the nap. :-)
11:30 cap : me too jen neat to see her
11:30 budtheteacher : Anyone think a lot about the emotional baggage of "friendship" in open work situations.
11:30 shareski : Gotta go....have a great conference
11:31 robwall : See ya Dean.
11:31 JenW : @Bud -- oh yes
11:31 budtheteacher : I work with you. I consider you a colleague. Not a friend. Probably won't follow you. And that should be okay - not an emotional time bomb/worry.
11:31 mjmontagne : too bad FB contacts are called "Friends" that turns people off from connecting with others...
11:31 budtheteacher : but there is all this play of "why no follow" and "why no friend" and blah de blah de blah.
11:31 JenW : but also think about the emotional baggage of "online work situationss" as well
11:31 mmiller7571 : I am going to explore the settings in FB so I can tweak it for better use
11:32 mjmontagne : FB is much more human than email....
11:32 kyteacher : When my HS students want to "friend" me on FB, they literaly want to friend me...share the same life experience they share w/peers.
11:32 jansmith : I would love to know the discussion the went on at Classroom 2.0 that changed "friend" to "colleague"
11:32 mjmontagne : I predict email will come to look more like FB over time...
11:32 kyteacher : When my HS students want to "friend" me on FB, they literaly want to friend me...share the same life experience they share w/peers.
11:32 jansmith : I would love to know the discussion the went on at Classroom 2.0 that changed "friend" to "colleague"
11:32 mjmontagne : I predict email will come to look more like FB over time...
11:32 mmiller7571 : I wish my teachers would think twice about "friending" me if they put inappropriate stuff online
11:32 mjmontagne : I've dumped most/all of my email listserve memberships because I don't want my community contributions to be bound to the listserv only
11:33 robwall : We had a good discussion on this topic on latest EdTech Posse podcast -
11:33 tim : who is speaking?
11:34 JenW : Dennis
11:34 mjmontagne : should come out of retirement ASAP!
11:34 JenW : Richards??
11:34 Lindseyb16 : dennis richards
11:34 tim : thanks
11:34 mjmontagne : dennis richards...gr8 dude
11:34 mjmontagne : life long learner...retired, and still involved in education...
11:34 JenW : just presented at the last session
11:34 mkm420fritz : we need this type of educator to "school" other superintendents and administrators!
11:35 kmurray : wish the audio wasn't cuting out
11:36 kmurray : will you audio cast this session? that would be awesome!
11:36 davecormier : this chatroom brought to you by edtechposse.
11:36 mjmontagne : My facebook connections are made up of teachers, students, former students, parents, etc...I always think critically about what I post...
11:36 davecormier : :)
11:37 rdrunner : @kmurray sessions will all be archived at the wiki
11:37 jansmith : @kmurray is that a bandwidth thing there or is it on my end?
11:37 robwall : Should follow the rule from Bambi - if you can't say anything nice best not say anything at all.
11:37 robwall : Sooooo important online.
11:38 JenW : @davecormier -- was thinking ETT should be broadcasting Educon next year.... :) (just a thought)
11:38 Jerome : changed a setting... is the audio better?
11:38 JenW : @Jerome -- got worse for me here.
11:38 mmiller7571 : it is so easy for the "written word" to be misinterrpreted when people don't know you
11:38 Bonnie : I have the same problem with audio - comes in and out now and tehn
11:38 kmurray : could be my wireless.....i'm going to go hard wire in
11:38 dougsymington : audio good here
11:38 Bonnie : sorry then
11:38 jansmith : @robwall, and kids need to learn it early & we all need to be reminded reguarly
11:39 kyteacher : No current students in my FB connections. More worried about their ability to self-edit. I want to kow them, but not EVERYTHING all of the time.
11:39 cap : responsible and ethical use
11:39 dougsymington : you just have to be able to stand behind what you say; however, I'd advise against posting while too "emotional"
11:39 Celeste : @mjmontagne same with me. Same variety of "friends". I always evaluate my posts because of who might be reading.
11:39 jansmith : I am not on wireless & audio is good vlume & quality but breaks in & out constantly
11:39 JenW : @dougsymington -- I agree :)
11:39 rdrunner : @kmurray posted here and I'll post this chat there as well
11:40 Steve : Video is choppy for me as well
11:40 mjmontagne : @Celeste...and I find that the connectiions make me a more effective user of the platforms...
11:40 robwall : But is your tone appropriate for a thoughtful human being?
11:40 somotch8 : is that Bud Hunt?
11:40 robwall : And isn't that what we need to show our students how to be?
11:40 JenW : right now -- Chris Lehmann
11:40 mjmontagne : if I wasn't part of a mixed age network, I think I'd behave differently...
11:40 robwall : There's bud.
11:40 JenW : now Bud -- unless I am delayed
11:40 cap : educators are constantly under scrutiny
11:40 jansmith : Apparently there is an app that will delay an email if there are too many flagged words--lets you think before you hit send :)
11:41 Celeste : @mjmontagne absolutely!
11:41 somotch8 : I didn't recognize him w/o the superman costume :D
11:41 plind : @mjmontagne it is even hard as a parent to have your friends kids "friending" you on facebook -- surely makes you think harder whith 'little ears and eyes"
11:41 robwall : Preach on, Bud.
11:41 jansmith : His cape is in the laptop bag :)
11:41 JenW : I have Dennis now -- am I delayed??
11:42 mjmontagne : adults, these connections can b a wonderful way to model effective online behavior
11:42 somotch8 : good to know
11:42 jansmith : @JenW your good.
11:42 mmiller7571 : not the audio is too quiet change settings bck
11:42 mjmontagne : @plind...but, I'm respectful with anyone's decision to connect or not connect...
11:42 plind : @mjmontagne I agree -- but sometimes someone has to teach the adults what that means
11:42 cap : its about setting clear expectations... teachers are so afraid of losing control at times
11:42 mjmontagne : @plind...definitely
11:43 cap : control is right
11:43 JenW : @mjmontagne -- I am as well...........unless there is a resistance (not a reluctance)....if there is a downright frustrates me
11:43 jansmith : Esp on Twitter things can be misinterpreted. One missed emoticon and you send the wrong tone.
11:43 robwall : Who is speaking?
11:43 kmurray : we have to teach because so many are in the dark even where this information has been presented for 10-12 years....
11:43 JenW : Steve Hargadon
11:44 mjmontagne : @JenW...yep, agreed...I just know everyone has to get their arms around this at their own speed...
11:44 cap : @jenW - i agree with you stubborn and blatent ignorance insights me
11:44 Celeste : @mjmontagne that is so true. It's a great place to model appropriate online behavior.
11:44 robwall : Ha - in small towns the teachers go drinking with student's parents.
11:44 JenW : I do not know who this is -- anyone??
11:44 tmeister : Pretty much have to live as if you are being observed most of the time.
11:44 JenW : in a shadow
11:45 plind : @robwall -- so true -- we have been living with this personal/professional thing rurally forever!
11:45 kyteacher : In small towns teachers dated their students' parents. There are no secrets.
11:45 cap : not sure
11:45 Steve : @tmeister - Absolutely
11:45 mjmontagne : @tmeister...excellent way to say it...I agree
11:45 mmiller7571 : @tmeister only if you have an online presence or let others take picks of you
11:45 dougsymington : or the next small town over
11:45 robwall : @plind Do you think the concerns about privacy/anonymity tend to get overblown in large urban schools?
11:46 Celeste : Parents have beer/wine/drink in front of their own children, it shouldn't be a shock for other children
11:46 plind : @robwall frm my perspective yes - but reality is they don't have practice balancing public private like we do
11:46 David : it's the definition of being a teachers. Some teachers worry about how cell phones will affect their teaching.
11:46 mjmontagne : at some point we'll get over this phase and we'll accept virtual connections like we do f2f connections
11:46 dougsymington : I keep thinking that a century ago this conversation was happening re the telephone and the dangers thereof
11:46 tmeister : @mmiller7571 Sometimes students or others may take pic not necessarily with your permission
11:46 David : Other Teachers will ask, "How might I learn to use cell phones instructionally..."
11:46 JenW : @mjmontagne -- hmmmm, not sure I agree
11:46 Steve : I think if you live your life with integrity, you can survive almost any misrepresentation or misinterpretation
11:46 mmiller7571 : right, that's what I mean
11:46 robwall : @plind True. We have much still to teach them (urban teachers).
11:46 shareski : found wireless at the restaurant
11:47 mjmontagne : I never post photos of myself with beers, drinking, etc...but I like the way Chris handles it with his students...
11:47 kyteacher : @Steve Very true.
11:47 robwall : @shareski You, sir, are my here.
11:47 tmeister : @Steve thats what I was trying to say, thanky you for finding the words.
11:47 shareski : thank you very much
11:47 jeffmason : responsibility
11:47 Steve : @tmeister... the power of the network :-)
11:48 mjmontagne : @Steve...great way to say it (the integrity point)
11:48 mmiller7571 : @budtheteacher yes but no one is telling them this stuff they are learning the hard way at least in my area
11:48 robwall : @budtheteacher Rock on, dude!
11:48 MrChase : @mmiller7571 So, let's change that.
11:48 mjmontagne : I'm with this guy on anonymity...I do not think we should be teaching students to hide behind psuedonyms and so forth...
11:48 kyteacher : @budtheteacher Yep!
11:48 JenW : I agree being anonymous for some gives them opportunity to become mean, hateful, cruel
11:48 plind : @robwalll that is why some of the rules passed down by governing bodies don't always apply rurally
11:49 mjmontagne : first name + last initial deals with safety and anonymityh
11:49 mmiller7571 : the teachers and admin to build trust so the kids will be honest
11:49 JenW : I need to head out -- Excellent conversation --
11:49 JenW : see you in a bit.
11:49 Stardiverr : so awesome to watch this
11:49 jansmith : Bye Jen
11:49 mjmontagne : bye JDub
11:49 Stardiverr : dealing with these issues at our school currently
11:49 dougsymington : cya J
11:49 donnadesroches : I always encourage kids to be open - but safe - to create their digital identity
11:49 Celeste : re: anonymity; we should teach kids that if something is important enough for you to say, then you should stand behind it.
11:50 Steve : Those worries are very legitimate, though
11:50 dougsymington : think that anonymity has a place in educating newbies, but after that better to have a byline
11:50 robwall : I do *not* have a version number!!!
11:50 somotch8 : I am also enjoying this conversation. I teach 4th grade in Newport News VA
11:50 Bonnie : who wasust talking
11:50 Steve : It's too easy to say, "I must change my teaching with every new device that is deployed"
11:50 budtheteacher : Yes. LEt's change that. LEt's be open and public with ourselves online and model the behaviors that we want our childen to attempt to have -
11:50 mjmontagne : I loook forward to the proliferation of cell phones and broadband will obsolete people who try to lock down/control the learning networks
11:50 budtheteacher : and help them to help us when we make mistakes
11:50 budtheteacher : and vice versa
11:50 jansmith : The move to creating an online identity is a big hurdle for many teachers and parents--see this as exposing kids
11:51 dougsymington : think that good teachers effectively use whatever at their disposal--good teaching not tool-dependent
11:51 somotch8 : that was David Warlick
11:51 kyteacher : Need to tackle issue of student anon in my district. My user names for my HS students don't even include 1st name. Does not allow them to develop online id
11:51 Bonnie : thanks
11:51 shareski : @jansmith how long before having your own domain name is akin to having a resume?
11:51 robwall : @Steve No, you should only change your teaching to benefit your students.
11:51 kyteacher : They say such good things, but can;t be tracked back to them.
11:51 srenatee : @kyteacher...where u teach? I am ky too.
11:51 Steve : @dougsymington - yes, but good teaching may also involved selecting key tools and not others
11:52 mjmontagne : how can the average person who doesn't spend much time online come to understand the importance of effective online identity??
11:52 kyteacher : @srenatee Bullitt Co
11:52 shareski : @matt.....they can't
11:52 dkdykstra : @shareski we're there already.
11:52 plind : @matt -- not sure they can
11:52 mmiller7571 : @mjmontagne very good question let's go with that one
11:52 MrChase : @mj You frame it in a way that's relevant.
11:52 srenatee : ah! I am edcon at ket. retired lms.
11:52 mjmontagne : @shareski...I ask the question, b/c we spend tons of time online so we get it...
11:52 budtheteacher : I don't care as much about "effective online identity" I care about meaningful identity. People should be proud of who they are and always attempting to improve
11:52 Celeste : @mjmontagne YES!! well said
11:52 David : Very well said. We can be too impatient. Over, without impatience, things don't happen...
11:52 budtheteacher : online and off.
11:52 dougsymington : @Steve need a tool-agnostic approach, and this include computer operating systems
11:52 jansmith : @shareski I have read your stuff on this. I agree. My young bloggers are aware that they are recognized, have identity and are putting themselves out there--pow
11:52 plind : I'm seeing it now that lots of parents are on facebook they are starting to ask these ? for themselves
11:53 mjmontagne : but what about those folks who aren't online all the time like us??
11:53 shareski : Can a fat person teach P.E?
11:53 plind : they will then start to see the need to ask same ? for kids
11:53 dougsymington : @shareski: online or f2f?
11:53 Steve : I agree. No one should feel bad for not using cell phones when they are using a dozen other tools well and effectively
11:53 srenatee : @kyteacher. I am retired teacher Ashland; now @KET.
11:53 kyteacher : especially when the people who make decisions are not online
11:53 rdrunner : even people that are online lots don't always get the issues of identity
11:53 shareski : @doug.....nice may not be a perfect metaphor but I makes a point
11:54 mjmontagne : I don't friend students, but will accept requests from students...
11:54 mmiller7571 : kyteacher that is my point exactly!!! WE need to help make the decisions
11:54 plind : @rdrunner it does take awhile -- find myself wishing I cld go back and construct my identity from the ground up
11:54 MrChase : @mjmontagne Typical cool kid. ;-)
11:54 mjmontagne : my only facebook rule is that I'll keep the connection as long as others don't say mean things....
11:54 kyteacher : @mmiller7571 Yes!
11:54 plind : have so many different "nicknames" trying to consolidate
11:54 srenatee : yes, district tech people usually never educators
11:54 123 : Only after they are 18 and have graduated?
11:55 rdrunner : @matt I've seen situations though where the line gets dangerously blurred
11:55 mmiller7571 : I have "de-friended" people on FB don't need to be updated on their partying all the time a little is enough
11:55 jansmith : have to say with a name like SMITH identity is different: kind of bland personified :)
11:55 robwall : @rdrunner Did you say you were recording this?
11:55 jeffmason : aup forbids student/student collab outside the school network
11:55 mjmontagne : too...I find most of the people I defriend are adults, not students!
11:55 rdrunner : and then the line between friend and teacher gets crossed "innocently" but with serious ramifications
11:56 mjmontagne : Kids don't get enough credit for their positive use of these spaces...
11:56 rdrunner : I'm capturing the chat
11:56 rdrunner : The video is being archived by SLA
11:56 mjmontagne : google apps for education is a powerful collaborative network tool...
11:56 mmiller7571 : Good points my neighbor girl is the perfect example 475 friends but most of what I see is "okay"
11:56 robwall : Thanks, Cindy.
11:56 Celeste : @mjmontagne I agree. I see lots of high school students using FB and myspace appropriately.
11:56 mjmontagne : we wouldn't be dead if google docs died is great to have, but if I goes away we'll use something else
11:57 mmiller7571 : OMG I would be DEAD if google dies tomorrow don't say that:):):)
11:57 jansmith : Diane Hammond speaking
11:57 dougsymington : such a good point re owning content: D'Arcy Norman calls the use of hosted spaces as "digital share-cropping"
11:57 Bonnie : exactly teach students/teachers to use a variety of resources rather than rely on one source
11:57 mjmontagne : my experience, most of the negative use on FB is from adults who are new to the space and just learning it...
11:57 tmeister : A group of jr high students from school I previously taught at are writing a novel through facebook.
11:58 robwall : Yeah, I need Google Docs to surnive until at least Wednesday -marks are due.
11:58 mjmontagne : @robwall...HILARIOUS!!!
11:58 schwier : Glad you're capturing the chat rdrunner. Could you tweet it when it's available?
11:59 mjmontagne : IT dudes play panic card on google docs and it drives me nuts
11:59 Celeste : @mjmontagne I see the same thing. I don't think they realize the dangers and how public their posts can be...
11:59 mmiller7571 : now I am freaked out and have go back up all my google docs Thanks Matt
11:59 plind : @matt I would have to agree -- had to block more adults than kids
11:59 cap : Zoho is another great alternative to google
11:59 kyteacher : My students havetransferred some of their FB type discussions to my class ning. But they know I'm looking over their shoulder.
11:59 crafty184 : @schwier We've heard your name a bit in this session.
11:59 mjmontagne : I makes me sad when I hear the stories about educators who want to setup a google apps for ed network, but they are blocked by IT
11:59 Steve : @cap... doesn't google own Zoho?
11:59 Bonnie : oh I hope not Steve
11:59 cap : do they ???
11:59 mjmontagne : @mmiller...LOL! Hey, all of my stuff is in g docs too!
12:00 schwier : @crafty184: It's probably the truth, if disparaging! :-)
12:00 mjmontagne : google doesn't own zoho
12:00 mmiller7571 : I don't know how many flash drives I lost before I figured out google docs
12:00 robwall : For any who don't know @schwier, think of Yoda except for EdTech. :-)
12:00 mjmontagne : zoho actually just got the GE contract for their office/collaborative suite
12:00 dougsymington : some Canadian ed institutions very concerned re privacy and US legislation and use of Google
12:00 bryanhughes : Does anyone know: does the archived video stream of these sessions include synchronous playback of this backchannel? The discussion here is just as rich as in t
12:00 cap : yoda.... may the force be with you
12:00 schwier : @robwall small, green and confusing.
12:01 cap : yes all streams and chats will be embedded at the educon wiki
12:01 Steve : @mjmontagne - that's correct. Just checked. Not sure where I got that idea from
12:01 Celeste : @schwier ha, ha
12:01 robwall : @schwier I was referring to the backwards grammatic structure. :-)
12:01 jansmith : @dougsymmington I think we are going to a Sharepoint system in my distict--is this happening elsewhere?
12:01 schwier : I like Google docs a lot, but my trust level is pretty low. I back up projects from it all the time.
12:02 mjmontagne : if gdocs makes u scared, what about google health care??
12:02 robwall : "Front end analysis first, you must do"
12:02 mjmontagne : or google OS, which is due out soon:
12:02 schwier : @robwall: :-)
12:02 cap : yes it is...heard of this... actually microsoft now offers skydrive for anyone for free...
12:02 cap : must have 2007
12:02 kyteacher : @budtheteacher Hmmm...
12:03 robwall : IMO your first duty is to your students registered in your course.
12:03 schwier : @mjmontagne: Looking for google surgery OR if I need an operation.
12:03 dougsymington : @jansmith not sure, but @brlamb was tweeting/blogging this wk about Canadian ed institutions, privacy concerns, US legislation and Google
12:03 rdrunner : great question - to whom are we beholding when we teach openly?
12:03 jansmith : Yes, Alec is a consumate teacher--amazing. What influence.
12:03 mjmontagne : I actually look forward to google health care...I want to be empowered with my own health care records...
12:04 kyteacher : Ah...too get everything I need or want to get done actually done...ever.
12:04 mmiller7571 : I want to be able to "search" my health records for what they REALLY write down
12:04 schwier : @mjmontagne: there is a wonderful Seinfeld episode on hidden health care records.
12:04 Steve changed their nickname to steve.
12:04 jansmith : Diane is right: reciprocity is the foundation of this new view: open means giving
12:05 mjmontagne : I would submit, regarding privacy, that your email data is no less secure on your school's email server in comparison to gmail...
12:05 mjmontagne : anytime u digitize content u risk your privacy...
12:05 cap : nothing is sacred online...
12:05 mjmontagne : @schwier...I'll have to check that out...
12:05 mmiller7571 : Did you guys all introduce yourselves as your twitter name or real name would you all know me if I came there and said "Hey, i'm Melinda"
12:05 mcarls : Right @budtheteacher How many teachers clock out at 3pm? Good teachers put in extra time for better product
12:05 jansmith : for Cdns the google thing is about who owns the data, right?
12:05 123 changed their nickname to GaryM.
12:06 kyteacher : Anyone want to guest in my class tomorrow?
12:06 cap : look at us.... we are doing this on our own... we love to connect and learn
12:06 plind : @jansmith - as it has been explained to me it is where the data is stored
12:06 dougsymington : some have expressed concerns re the Patriot Act and the exposure for Canadians who google
12:06 cap : @kyteacher sure....
12:06 plind : @jansmith - when it is on american servers it is subject to Patriot act
12:07 rdrunner : no - the community needs to survive the course
12:07 jansmith : @doug @plind are we paranoid or is this a real concern?
12:07 somotch8 : I'd rather be here than work on my gradebook and report cards. I need this more
12:07 budtheteacher : @mcarls - But working overtime for free isn't a sustainable practice for anyone - teacher or not.
12:07 kyteacher : @cap Aw...thanks. Really need to catch up on grading since this is what I do in my free time.
12:07 rdrunner : but it's a different community, as each person builds their own network
12:07 dougsymington : not a problem for me, but constantly come up against push back from (federal) funders: "we need a made in Canada" solution
12:07 plind : @jansmith -- a little of both.. i hear it more from Lib Sci/profs at Uni level not elementary
12:07 steve : Wishing I was there now, too!
12:07 cap : that is so great... your kids have a fantastic teacher
12:07 bryanhughes : @jansmith I've had people ask me that same question (real concern or paranoia) - is there an authoritative blog post on this?
12:08 kyteacher : @budtheteacher Exactly ...and it's why I will never catch up on all I feel I need to do.
12:08 dougsymington : may be cyber-protectionism on the part of Canadians, eh?
12:08 rdrunner : there are no borders online!
12:08 Celeste : i love this video...chris' facial expressions say so much
12:08 rdrunner : at least where the edublogosphere is concerned
12:08 cap : i am more rewarded by giving then getting most of the time...
12:08 mmiller7571 : Yes, it is all about the giving, that is why I do this, what can I give back
12:08 mjmontagne : wow, 100 students...
12:08 mcarls : @budtheteacher I understand, but many do it, myself included. Not paid by the hour, though, paid to be a great teacher.
12:09 jansmith : @doug It has me thinking. What data is really sensitive? Does anyone care if student x does y?
12:09 mcarls : Thanks for the thoughts, wish I would've been here throughout. Have to look back later.
12:09 dougsymington : for me it just comes back to more fear-mongering: if info that sensitive, it shouldn't be online ANYWHERE
12:09 plind : @doug encounter a lot of protectionism of content from university -- they want to "own" the data
12:09 jansmith : Probably the family does--the permissions I have would not cover that.
12:09 GaryM : @Dougsyminton - The federal government reports and requirements for funding are enough to stop many education groups unless they have a paid Ex. Ed.
12:10 Celeste : if salaried teachers calculated what they are paid hourly (considering all hours put into their work) i think they would find they were'nt paid min. wage!
12:10 mjmontagne :, if it is senstive data it shouldn't b digitized...
12:10 steve : That's great!!!!
12:10 mcarls : Unreal
12:10 cap : too funny
12:10 plind : @doug -- exactly
12:10 kyteacher : What a great example of all of this in genuine practice.
12:10 Lindseyb16 : lol chris, notice that you call them "my kids "all the time says so much
12:10 dougsymington : @GaryM know better than most, re fed funding: why I'm "no longer in the biz" ;-)
12:10 mcarls : Yes, @Celeste Don't do it. Coaching either, what you pay and hours you put in.
12:10 jansmith : @doug isn't there bags of sensitive health info that is digitized. Didn't Ontarion do that?
12:11 cap : right on Chris... real life.... schools should be just that
12:11 plind : @jansmith -- alberta has
12:11 mjmontagne : that is a great justice and technology...
12:11 GaryM : @Doug - you understand - still am involved in groups who do.
12:11 Celeste : @mcarls I'm a teacher, and my husband is a college level coach(non-revenue sport). We both know!
12:11 mjmontagne : do we critically think about social justice when we make our school software decisions??
12:12 mjmontagne : if we did consider social justice more, we'd be using more open source in our schools...
12:12 rdrunner : @matt heavy
12:12 cap : i have coached HS and my husband still does.. 21 years... he loves it but not the stress that goes with the territoru
12:12 cap : y
12:12 robwall : My wife insists that I go home.
12:13 kyteacher : Balance is tough. Still working on it.
12:13 rdrunner : @matt are you distinguishing between open source and open education? I would.
12:13 plind : the kids win when we can bring them people who are experts on subjects
12:13 mcarls : Drawing the line. I will admit, one of my flaws.
12:13 GaryM : Some go early.
12:13 jansmith : Sohow does openess & availablitity affect family life?
12:13 cap : balance ... balance balance
12:13 kmurray : he echos my thoughts
12:13 schwier : SJ issues put ed tech folks into an advocacy/agency role that is sometimes hard for them.
12:13 cap : yes... i know it does mine... especially today
12:13 mjmontagne : @rdrunner...nope, I'm talking about open source software ...
12:13 Bonnie : my "office" door closes at 3:30 as I have kids to go home to but my teachers know that I'm online in the evening if they need me
12:13 mcarls : My wife and I couldn't agree more @budtheteacher. Need the balance.
12:13 Celeste : yes, you have to go home. spouse, kids, family, friends all need you and you need them
12:13 mjmontagne : in the context of Alec's mentioning his class on "Social Justice and Technology"
12:13 srenatee : we do that as teachers when we grade piles of papers instead of interacting w/ own family. happened too often in my 29 years
12:13 plind : leveraging resources to bring more choice to rural students is really important to me
12:14 rdrunner : @matt I must have missed a comment
12:14 kyteacher : My husband is actually waiting for this session to end so we can eat lunch.
12:14 cap : how about this one.... the power in this
12:14 dougsymington : @jansmith BC has signed a deal with a US company to store health and pharma records
12:14 mmiller7571 : balance is such a relative term you find time for what you think is important
12:14 robwall : It's about accreditation.
12:14 Celeste : @mmiller7571 i agree and it's different for all of us
12:14 mjmontagne : @rdr-probably me mis-interpreting, which can happen in a platform like this quickly
12:14 cap : @mmiller imoportant at that time....
12:15 mjmontagne : @rdr...great platform here, no doubt, but meaning can be lost quickly...
12:15 srenatee : sometimes my school kids took much emotional time too
12:15 mmiller7571 : yes to all, my 3 year old is listening to this right now asking who "that guy" is I told her my friend Alec
12:15 cap : i am not good at the balancing act ....
12:15 jansmith : @Doug Wow. So the idea is we have to get our act together so that the data stays here. the data better kept private at a distance?
12:16 mmiller7571 : I try to incude my kids, not necessarily in this she just happens to be sitting here interested in what I am doing
12:16 rdrunner : open source, open tools, open education - I think are three different things
12:16 mmiller7571 : I should be doing laundry, playing with her, grocery shopping, cleaning house but oh well
12:16 mjmontagne : @rdr...but integrally linked
12:17 srenatee : @rdrunner blurry to me!
12:17 jansmith : @rdrunner but is the linkage what gives each power?
12:17 schwier : @mmiller7571: agree re: balance; many of us need help aligning our priorities with our time, don't you think?
12:17 Bonnie : @mmiller sometimes that is the only time I have with them is to do work while playing ; they are always interested in who I'm listening to
12:17 Lindseyb16 : @mmiller7571 right there with you
12:17 mjmontagne : I'm not sure you could offer an open educational experience without using mostly free and open source software...
12:18 mmiller7571 : my best advice is to have a toy box in your office or classroom if you have litte kids:):):) Alyson loves the play kitchen in my office
12:18 rdrunner : absolutely linked. but different what we do with them and who does the doing. @matt correct - difficult to deal with in this chat forum.
12:18 Celeste : @mmiller7571 you can't always do it all. It will all be there after this. Gotta do what's meaningful to you at the time.
12:18 mjmontagne : I think alec was just referring to Vanessa VanPetten
12:18 Bonnie : my kids used to love to come to my classroom after the "kids" left; so many things for them to play with
12:18 plind : will our whole culture change to reflect the new openess?
12:19 robwall : clap clap clap
12:19 donnadesroches : great conversation
12:19 Lindseyb16 : alex's wiki?
12:19 mjmontagne : vanessa vanpetten on youtube
12:19 mcarls : Thanks everyone.
12:19 mjmontagne : yep, great conversation
12:19 Celeste : Thank you Alec and everyone!
12:19 mjmontagne : good chat y'all
12:19 GaryM : SlĂ inte maith, h-uile latha, na chi 'snach fhaic!
12:19 kmurray : Thanks all!
12:19 cap : thanks all ... alec is great
12:19 mmiller7571 : where are you all going now?
12:19 Celeste : great conversation and things to think about
12:19 jansmith : wow, how great to be here. Thanks for the great conversation.
12:19 dougsymington : thanks all, great session
12:19 schwier : Great session, Alec! Wooohoo! Looking forward to reviewing it. Thanks chat folks!
12:19 rdrunner :
12:19 plind : thanks...
12:19 robwall : Anybody wanna grab a bite to eat?
12:19 tmeister : WoW
12:20 kyteacher : Thanks. Can't do last session. Hubby is getting very hungry.
12:20 plind : @robwall -- sure -- be there in a few hours!
12:20 Lindseyb16 : thx
End Backchannel chat