Sustainable & Emerging Technologies

Facilitators: Rohan Keert & Chris Blackburn

Essential Questions For Conversation

1. How do you initiate a program involving sustainable and emerging technologies?

  • Make sure student projects connect back to real life and something the student can relate to (like while you fall over on a bus)
  • Teacher gives us the scenario and says "go and figure out why is this happening"
  • Once you get everyone up to a consistent skill level.
  • Students get used to getting up and presenting in front of whole class
  • Students work is on line. Proud students will state this on their facebook page and say "go look at my english project".
  • Approx 93% retention rate from Gr9-Gr11 (12?)
  • No Earth & Space science at SLA
  • Hands on but can we staff them?

2. What activities and projects does your school do on these emerging technologies?

  • Integrated Biology & Chemistry
  • Engineering - Biodiesel, solar cells, build own generators, wind hydro turbines (made out office products)
  • Students work it out, kids will pitch proposals, create mock solar powered coal plant. Let them dream big and then work out if they can engineer it with available materials.
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Neurology
  • Anatomy

3. What are the ethical considerations? (eg: bioengineering, genetically modified organisms, stem cell research)

  • Keep it single cell things and buy (maimed) cells still allows you to get into the details of DNA etc.
  • Students are unlikely to be offended
  • Would love a class like "current topics in science".

4. What partnerships external to the school should be involved? (eg: local industry, higher education providers)

  • Franklin Institute, Glaxo Smith Klyne, internships (work experience) Power companies, Mentors in other states (Architect in Dallas) Many students have an adult mentor, capstone project for seniors (final year at SLA)

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