Looking to find conversations outside of the posted sessions? List it here:

  • *I am collecting stories about successful application of Web 2.0 modalities in the classroom and I would like to hear from you. I will be giving a presentation at the National Science Teachers Association Meeting. I would like to have a variety of examples of successful blogs, wikis etc. to share with my science teacher colleagues. I would also like to compile a list of resources to share. Please contact me to share your favorite stories and resources. Marie Scearce http://mscearce.edublogs.org/ mscearce@mac.com Twitter: drMScearce

  • Jog 'n Talk: I'm looking for folks to run with in the early mornings Thu-Sun. I've got an easy-paced route picked out but am up for anything. Jane Krauss
  • Science Education 2.0: I am looking for a conversation about how 2.0 modalities do or should impact science education. Marie Scearce Selfish Genes
  • One to One Learning Initiatives: I'm looking for tips for implementation and transformation from a teacher-centered to student-centered learning environment. Michael Walker
  • How do we justify allocation? We spend millions of dollars on classroom computers, labs, laptop minis. How do we rationalize that vis-a-vis daily practice and student success? Barbara McLaughlin>
  • 365/2009 flickr photo group: where and when should we gather for a photo together? Friday at the Franklin Institute or Saturday at lunch? 365/2009 discussion page

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