09:21 Cathy in SC : GOOD POINT Carolyn

09:21 Cathy in SC : he has a lot of non educationalreaders/listeners

09:21 Cathy in SC : thye strted a bit late

09:22 Jackie G : @carolyn didn't I just see you at the Flat Classroom Conference?

09:22 caroy : Michelle Rhee an alumn of TFA

09:22 Cathy in SC : that must really excit him

09:22 Jackie G : Silver bullet - intereting cliche

09:23 Cathy in SC : human capital--people

09:23 caroy : the quality of the teacher much more than policy, curriculum, and pedagogy

09:23 Lindseyb16 : so true

09:23 caroy : power in the people

09:23 cbrannon : bravo....how about getting rid of tenure!

09:23 Cathy in SC : smaller class size is a big issue right now with budget cuts

09:23 Jackie G : I believe it is teacher +pedagogy

09:23 Cathy in SC : data today = NCLB

09:23 carolyn foote : Jackie G yes u did, globe hopping before bfast

09:23 capohanka : first thing my school cut in this diff econ time is teacher prof dev

09:23 JLW : big discussion in our district -- going to 4 day school week, longer days

09:23 mjmontagne : I disagree...there are already alot of good/great people in education...its the system...

09:23 J : Someone is a very fast typer in the background.

09:24 rdrunner : our province mandated smaller class size

09:24 Jackie G : @carolyn - It is amazing and fund - isn't it? Love it!

09:24 carolyn foote : Yes, JAckie :)

09:24 cbrannon : @mjmontagne yes, to a degree, but there are a great deal of teachers that could do more

09:24 Cathy in SC : nice answer

09:24 megbg : My district is cutting PD, and raising class sizes

09:24 PeggyG : those are important themes to highlight!

09:25 budtheteacher : The system is built by people and made by people. Let's not pretend that they're separate things.

09:25 Cathy in SC : @megbg mine too

09:25 caroy : class size is it that important? SLA class size looks like 30 in a room

09:25 Bonnie : ours is pushing PD after school - on your own time, not paid; and also increasing class size starting in gr 2

09:25 Cathy in SC : but there has also been talk of cutting out some testing (crossing my fingers)

09:25 JLW : this president has been in power for 5 days......

09:25 mdipaola : rofl. anyone see that?

09:25 J : Data does not need to = NCLB - schools need to collect their own data and evaluate internally w/ external input - administrator's role should be this

09:25 MrChase : @caroy It's importance varies on whom you're teaching.

09:25 caroy : a good teacher with 35 kids is more productive than a *** one with ten any day

09:25 megbg : @caroy I think class size is crucial in elementary at least primary

09:25 Lindseyb16 : @bud go on..

09:25 cbrannon : class size is important when you have kids and parents that don't care about school

09:26 PeggyG : David Bromley -- Regional Director, Big Picture Schools

09:26 mdipaola : @megbg Agreed, but it couldn't possibly matter less at HS level

09:26 caroy : @megbg i can see it more important at the lower levels but better use of aides and volunteers can probably compensate

09:26 megbg : @cbrannon or when you have students with widely divergent needs

09:26 Cathy in SC : aides are being cut where im at too

09:26 mjmontagne : @cbrannon...you can ask teachers to be super humans...many already go above and beyond, from intense hours to paying for supplies out of pocket...

09:26 caroy : @ megbeg i am looking at if from the HS prospective my bias perhaps

09:26 Jackie G : To quote Jonothan Kozol-We don't fatten the sheep by weighing them. " This is how I feel about data collection.

09:26 budtheteacher : @Lindsey - That's all. And probably "systems" is a more accurate label there.

09:27 JLW : like this guy :)

09:27 carolyn foote : but @budtheteacher Don't you think systems take on a life of their own?

09:27 rdrunner : @JackieG - awesome quote

09:27 cbrannon : @megbg true. hard to reach the different learners with 30

09:27 caroy : @ jackieG u can know which sheep's diet needs changed by weighing them

09:27 Cathy in SC : How did Chris line up this panel--great minds

09:27 laura : ecraam3

09:27 Steve Hargadon : Does "reforming" a system just mean changing the people and ideas change, but still a system that mandates from the top down instead of allowing independence?

09:27 laura : this is hull

09:27 laura : how is the sound?

09:27 ijesspederson : yes, i like the diversity of this panel

09:27 Cathy in SC : @Laura/ecram good

09:27 budtheteacher : It's not one system. We've got 50 systems. All with subsystems.

09:27 Jackie G : @canoy - I don't believe we can determine diet by how much they weight

09:27 Bonnie : soud good

09:27 ijesspederson : diversity of jobs the hold or have held... different perspectives

09:27 PeggyG : deep question Steve!

09:28 JLW : bottom line is -- we want the best, we want to give our best

09:28 megbg : students are individuals and not factory pieces

09:28 JLW : clap clap clap

09:28 caroy : @jackie G i suppose all analogies limp a little. mea culpa

09:28 carolyn foote : I do'nt normally associate the word empiracal with seeing students as individuals

09:28 Jackie G : It is both top down and bottom up

09:28 ijesspederson : yes, NO 50's factory mentality

09:28 carolyn foote : because usually when people talk about measurement it's about the school as a whole.

09:28 carolyn foote : that one kid is the point, yes.

09:28 Bonnie : exactly carolyn it is never about a child's score it is a grade level or school building

09:29 megbg : schools were originally created to create factory workers. Is that what we are tsill doing?

09:29 Steve Hargadon : If our education system were a political system, would it be democratic, socialist, or communist?

09:29 PeggyG : # Gary Stager-- Executive Director of the Constructivist Consortium

09:29 Cathy in SC : put that mic to your mouth gary

09:29 Cathy in SC : thanks

09:29 Jackie G : We are preparing students for a future we can't even imagine. We need to imagine an education in the same vein.

09:30 Jackie G : I so wish it was Linda Darla-Hammond!

09:30 carolyn foote : He's talking about duncan,correct

09:30 caroy : Love stager's bluntness it is refreshing

09:30 carolyn foote : me too, Jackie

09:30 mdipaola : @cfoote yes

09:30 laura : hey SLA kids DON'T FORGET TO RECORD!

09:30 mdipaola : Is anyone taking notes on a google doc/

09:30 PeggyG : that's funny! social promotion :-)

09:30 mdipaola : @laura no :(

09:30 Ron : Agree - Stager is very challenging

09:31 Steve Hargadon : Is the reason that good school practices don't spread is because the system is a "system?"

09:31 Jackie G : I believe that each student needs to be SEEN - really SEEN by their teachers.

09:31 PeggyG : but isn't knowing your children a form of data?

09:31 megbg : how can this go on and we all nod our heads tghat yes, we've seen that

09:31 cbrannon : How many folks on this panel have taught in the classroom for a long period of time?

09:31 carolyn foote : @stevehargadon each school culture is so unique

09:31 J : @peggyg - yes, very important piece of the data!!

09:31 carolyn foote : hard to spread what works in one school to another

09:31 carolyn foote : but we could certainly learn from how companies do that..

09:31 Jenny : @cbrannon I'd love to know the answer to that question.

09:31 MrChase : @cbrannon Post that to the google form.

09:32 carolyn foote : try to create a culture at each of their locations

09:32 Bonnie : I think some think if you can't show it on paper you can't prove it to be true; no trust in the classroom teacher

09:32 Jackie G : Definition of data (dictionary) Numerical or other information represented in a form suitable for processing by computer.

09:32 caroy : stager argues for locally driven curriculum.... interesting

09:32 J : @carolyn agree - culture is the most forgotten frame in public schools

09:32 rdrunner : Will he be posting these beliefs

09:32 MrChase : Questions for the panel can be posted here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pYaXXx9M97IAFfKtrJ4_wFQ

09:32 J : @carolyn - independent schools get culture - good place to check it out

09:32 megbg : classroom as oases..great image

09:32 mdipaola : @cfoote absolutely.

09:32 cbrannon : @mr.chase thanks

09:33 carolyn foote : hope someone is taking notes ;)

09:33 Jackie G : MrChase - hurrah first connection I've seen to connect us!

09:33 carolyn foote : i started but got distracted

09:33 mjmontagne : multi age environments...I totally agree with that

09:33 PeggyG : teachers who model learning and growing! excellent point!

09:33 Cathy in SC : hard to take notes, chat, and listen to respond

09:33 Bonnie : what???

09:33 J : excellent schools are where adults learn

09:33 mjmontagne : age grouping of students is bizarre

09:33 AndyField : Carolyn Foote - <hope someone is taking notes> - I can hear someone typing, so they're either taking notes, or busy on Twitter.

09:33 carolyn foote : lol, andy

09:34 Jackie G : Agreed Gary!

09:34 ijesspederson : @Andyfield i think they are on twitter ;)

09:34 PeggyG : yes! external assessment is always disruptive to learning environment!

09:34 rdrunner : we find that same "cycle" without same kind of testing

09:34 carolyn foote : achieving at scale is the question--should we try to achieve at scale

09:34 carolyn foote : how will that work

09:34 carolyn foote : people aren't replicable

09:35 Bonnie : no - expecting all kids to achieve the same scale at the same time is horrible

09:35 kevinprentiss : culture can be

09:35 rdrunner : Think the "season" may be more similar to the dodgeball analogy, not to diminish the impact of testing

09:35 carolyn foote : I think you have to really have an incredible team that can create and share a culture

09:35 Jackie G : WHo did he say?

09:35 J : Sobel is the best

09:35 carolyn foote : We see teachers as expendable cogs sometimes

09:35 carolyn foote : but the INDIVIDUAL makes a huge difference

09:35 J : Professor at Teachers College @ Columbia

09:35 Steve Hargadon : Do we try to "scale" standards and curriculum, or do we scale the elements/environment for local success?

09:35 kevinprentiss : @carolyn totally agree

09:36 Jackie G : What was the name of the person who Chris is talking about?

09:36 rdrunner : reminds us the importane of principal in setting culture

09:36 carolyn foote : So unless you have a really strong team, if one person leaves the whole system can fall apart

09:36 kevinprentiss : he's talking about contextual process architecture

09:36 ijesspederson : awesome... you can't scale caring

09:36 rdrunner : how parents feel in a school is directly related to culture principal sets

09:36 Jackie G : Cut off from joys and passions - biggest ethical travesity of the system.

09:36 carolyn foote : do we post questions on the wiki or twitter or where

09:36 caroy : that was excellent. empowering good people

09:36 dlaufenberg : @JackieG Tom Sobol

09:36 Jackie G : Thanks!

09:36 Bonnie : on the wiki carolyn

09:36 mjmontagne : on no...audio cut out and vid frozen here

09:36 J : V. good question - transforming culture of teachers to learning

09:36 Cathy in SC : glad Andy is inserting that into the mix

09:37 PeggyG : still streaming Matt-maybe need to refresh?

09:37 mdipaola : @mjmontagne restart.

09:37 dlaufenberg : questions can be posted here... http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pYaXXx9M97IAEIHoEZB3pDw

09:37 mjmontagne : @pggy...yah, just did that...it is back...

09:37 Jackie G : One teacher, one school, one district at a time!

09:37 J : Sobol's info: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/faculty/index.htm?facid=ts171

09:37 laura : laura

09:37 Bonnie : wow anyone else getting sound interrupted or feedback

09:37 carolyn foote : @diane that is a link for credit not the wiki?

09:37 Jackie G : No video and sound is fine for me

09:38 budtheteacher : You cannot "replicate" hard work. You can provide infrastructure to support that work, but you can't hand out an answer to a question w/o struggle.

09:38 laura : @Laura - turn off all other channels

09:38 PeggyG : replicability isn't just taking someone else's plan/model and copying it. It's hard work!

09:38 mjmontagne : there are lots of teachers who want to try new things, but the institutional inertia is tough to combat

09:38 laura : several r live

09:38 mjmontagne changed their nickname to mjmontagne.

09:38 J changed their nickname to Josh P.

09:38 Jackie G : @budteacher - good point about hard work - I am inquiry and project based- often the last one at school

09:38 Bonnie : thanks laura that was my issue another channel came live that I'm attending for the first session

09:38 JLW : and the only woman on the panel :)

09:39 Josh P : very true

09:39 JLW : good point

09:39 Cathy in SC : amen

09:39 RITA : yea for betty

09:39 PeggyG : yeah!!! passion is essential!!

09:39 budtheteacher : The thing I dig about TFA and KIPP is that they will not accept statements like "institutional inertia is tough to combat" as an okay reason for failure.

09:39 carolyn foote : have to go for a few

09:39 Cathy in SC : one cant do it

09:39 Jackie G : passion ignites teaching

09:39 Robletcher : My understanding from KIPP and Big Picture schools is that there is a high level of teacher burnout - is that true?

09:39 mdipaola : @budtheteacher absolutely.

09:39 carolyn foote : GREAT point Betty is making

09:39 JLW : there is a lot to be learned from teachers who are still teaching over 40 years....and doing a very good job

09:39 rdrunner : need to practice good followership - prepared to challenge and not blindly follow

09:39 carolyn foote : NCLB was punitive

09:40 Josh P : @Robletcher some, yes - depends on the individual school and the amount of support they can provide typically young faculty

09:40 mjmontagne : not about age...some young teachers are not committed to learning new things in new ways...

09:40 budtheteacher : @robletcher: I wouldn't be surprised. The big problem I have with those institutions is the idea that there's nothing else in a teacher or student's life beyon

09:40 kevinprentiss : totally agree

09:40 budtheteacher : d school

09:40 mdipaola : @mjmontagne absolutely.

09:40 JLW : so why is that -- why only 3 schools in such a large area

09:40 Bonnie : @mjmontagne that is so true; many so "oh they are young" they will change and do whatever or already know the "new" stuff; not true

09:40 RITA : good but not perfect

09:40 PeggyG : are we going to let perfect be the enemy of good? excellent point

09:41 Steve Hargadon : Is the US constitution a better model for education policy? How decisions get made, not what decisions get made. Drive down independence?

09:41 JLW : smiles, I blogged about that Peggy

09:41 cbrannon : has anyone mentioned the parent/school connection? Education starts at hoome, no?

09:41 Cathy in SC : @cbannon yes thanks for adding that

09:41 PeggyG : parents not mentioned yet...

09:41 mjmontagne : @bonnie...and I'll take it one step further...some of our students don't want to learn in new ways either...they want the learning to b packaged neatly

09:41 Josh P : educate them, eh?

09:41 JLW : are we not electing these policy makers they are talking about??

09:41 Bonnie : yes @cbrannon but who is going to hold "parents" or "at home" accountable

09:42 PeggyG : people can't choose what they haven't seen...

09:42 dlaufenberg : @JLW but we do not elect peple based on their ed policy. never is the deciding factor for people

09:42 Jackie G : Can't choose from what they have't seen - touche!

09:42 cbrannon : @bonnie we can't. but, we can educate them and teach the parents too

09:42 rdrunner : @PeggyG agreed

09:42 Josh P : agree - models need to be articulated and researched

09:42 Bonnie : yes on students too; quite a few don't want different; they are "stuck" and afraid of trying something new because they might experience some failure

09:42 Steve Hargadon : Am loving Gary Stager comments. Surprises me... :)

09:42 Josh P : Mission of school

09:42 PeggyG : @Steve :-) me too!

09:43 Cathy in SC : he can guage when he needs to go with the flow or resist and play devils advocate

09:43 JLW : @dlaufenberg -- perhaps is should be :)

09:43 Lindseyb16 : lol

09:43 Josh P : :)

09:43 PeggyG : funny! put all the worksheets at one school

09:43 ijesspederson : amen all worksheets in one building and i would run from it!

09:43 RITA : worksheet school - ouch

09:43 caroy : the future will make the role and pedagogy of the teachers more imporatant than ever

09:43 Robletcher : Absolutely !

09:43 khokanson : who would choose the worksheet school?

09:43 caroy : sad for the worksheet school

09:43 Robletcher : Choice rules

09:43 caroy : or the scantron academy

09:43 caroy : sage on the stage high school

09:43 Lisa Parisi : One side fits all approach is clearly a loser...bravo!!!

09:43 Josh P : They need to chose what is good for individual student...missions should tailor to serve students

09:43 rdrunner : parents will choose the worksheet school if the scores say so

09:43 Robletcher : One Measurement doesn't fit all]

09:44 jessica : NCLB needs eveyone to organize and protest it

09:44 Cathy in SC : textbooks are not for bad teacher but for parents who expect nothing less than what they got in school

09:44 Jackie G : One size fits all is clearly a loser - universal school choice - I want Gary to run my school

09:44 Robletcher : LOL

09:44 Jackie G : CLAPS

09:44 Ron : Amen

09:44 Steve Hargadon : Fears around choice: not equitable, failure for some. Don't we already have that?

09:44 Cathy E : How do ya'll feel about Richard and Becky DuFours model?

09:44 Josh P : @cathy - ah, textbooks are all bad - just slow to change

09:44 Josh P : oops aren't all bad

09:44 PeggyG : so true Cathy! that's all some parents are familiar with--what they experienced in school

09:44 ijesspederson : @rdunner I'd choose homeschool over worksheet school, no matter what the scores say

09:45 rdrunner : @ijess because you know better - some parents don't

09:45 Josh P : needs schools with options that are well articulated through mission & purpose

09:45 Jenny : @ijesspederson And as long as people can afford to make that choice it works. Otherwise, we fail those kids.

09:45 budtheteacher : Why do folks want to wait for the "right model" before moving forward?

09:45 ijesspederson : @rdrunner true... and very sad

09:45 Cathy in SC : @Josh parents are furious if their child did not get a book b/c school ran out EVEN if teacher doesnt use it

09:45 Jackie G : Like the HMO run by administrators not doctors - lots of problems there too

09:45 bknittle : On the Cape Cape we have School choice in all disticts - lots of competition for kids and schools are begining to specialize to attract kids

09:45 rdrunner : even those parents who themselves weren't successful in that model will support old model

09:46 rdrunner : we need to help educate the parents in new models

09:46 PeggyG : sometimes choices about schools are made for reasons other than environment--convenience, daycare options, etc.

09:46 Bonnie : so many are afraid and refuse to something that is different from what they went through

09:46 rdrunner : deliberately new modelS - not just one way

09:46 Jackie G : Mel Levine - We expect kids to be good at everything - not even well rounded, want them to be mentally obese.

09:46 JLW : Bud -- many people sadly are in fear of walking alone

09:46 rdrunner : mentally obese - very cool

09:47 Jackie G : : )

09:47 ijesspederson : @Bonnie I want something different that I didn't go through!

09:47 budtheteacher : @jlw - not doing things due to fear is the wrong reason not to do them. we need to be brave.

09:47 Lindseyb16 : @bud sounds corny but can u be yr own system to move forward in a broken one?

09:47 Robletcher : @budtheteacher The system propagates itself through fear of losing your job or school

09:47 budtheteacher : @lindsey - No - but you can go and build your own.

09:47 JLW : @bud -- yes, I agree and have no problem walking alone. I was just answering your question

09:47 Jackie G : I am so tried of "closing the achievement gap" which translates in equalized test scoures

09:47 Cathy in SC : the non educator parent doesnt realize there is something better than what they went through

09:47 JLW : :)

09:47 rdrunner : school was so boring for me - want to help create school as a place of passion for every learner

09:47 Bonnie : exactly @ijesspederson, but how do we convince parents and the public that the route we are going will be successful even though it isn't what they went through

09:47 PurpleCar : Getting people on Twitter to come over

09:48 Lindseyb16 : @bud yes that's what I mean, have to lose the fear tho

09:48 Josh P : agree here - yes, NCLB made folks think about data and all students

09:48 budtheteacher : @robletcher - So?

09:48 Robletcher : @budtheteacher - Right - something I have been saying this weekend - you have to go outside the system

09:48 budtheteacher : @JLW - Understood.

09:48 Robletcher : @budtheteacher or go "guerilla":

09:48 Jackie G : @rdrunner - School was painfully boring for me. My classroom is one in which I wanted as a kid.

09:48 budtheteacher : @robletcher - not necessariy outside - but you can build a pocket, right?

09:48 Robletcher : @budtheteacher Wanna start a school?

09:48 JLW : and most teachers wish to keep their paycheck......and sadly would rather stay with the group than be unemployed

09:48 Cathy in SC : You MUST be talking of SC

09:48 budtheteacher : @robletcher - Well, yeah.

09:48 Lindseyb16 : @bud @rob guerrila pocket like it

09:49 RITA : kids will love you back

09:49 Bonnie : I'm ready to leave the system; I watch my elem. and fear for my child to go in another year

09:49 Pinctone : Im here Purplecar

09:49 PurpleCar : Hi everyone welcome @Pinctone!

09:49 Lisa Parisi : Test scores do not just come...but test prep is not the way to get higher scores.

09:49 jessica : i visited KIPP and the "bad" kids wear different color shirts...

09:49 PurpleCar : Pinctone has students who meet expectations!

09:49 ijesspederson : @Bonnie i have the same worries...

09:49 JLW : "bad" kids??

09:49 Cathy in SC : we educators make sure our own kids learn even if its at home--but encourage them to "play the game" called school wherever they go

09:49 PurpleCar : Jessica, what is a "bad" kid?

09:49 Lisa Parisi : No way Jessica! How is that allowed?

09:49 Cathy in SC : is that wrong?

09:50 twood : yellish?

09:50 Robletcher : @budtheteacher Email me - robletcher@gmail.com

09:50 ToniaJohnson : I think the message is.....what works for KIDS....not us!

09:50 Jackie G : He is talking about a little issue - want more global perspectives

09:50 cbrannon : their parents yell at them....some of them respond to it....sad

09:50 Bonnie : my fear is how as a public school teacher do I "not" send my kids to school; because I can't convince people to change

09:50 Josh P : @jessica - not at all KIPP schools - they are all very different, really - just common mission (leaders help the community live it differently)

09:50 Lisa Parisi : How about teaching them that there are other ways to communicate, rather than yelling

09:50 JLW : again -- we always can sift through the conversation -- agree to disagree

09:50 PurpleCar : sure

09:50 Bonnie : I don't want my kids involved in what is being pushed down in my elem. school

09:51 Steve Hargadon : There are some of us republicans who are compassionate. :)

09:51 Jackie G : If schools were considered businesses, then many would be out of business due to poor practices

09:51 JLW : smiles, I agreed about 92% with what the last guy just said

09:51 Bonnie : I agree so much Jackie G

09:51 ijesspederson : @Bonnie that IS a tough spot to be in...

09:51 PurpleCar : THat is tough, Bonnie

09:51 demetri : awed that we can all be here on a Sunday morning discussing this. Go tech!

09:51 Jackie G : @Bonnie thanks

09:51 jessica : when i visited, the kids who broke rules were alientated. this is what i observed..

09:51 PurpleCar : yay demetri!

09:51 PeggyG : @Steve-just learned something new about you :-)

09:52 nschomp : Just joining...this is a great discussion!

09:52 ijesspederson : amen chris .... wants teachers to simply CARE!

09:52 Bonnie : you see it in rural country side as well and more because they stand out more

09:52 cbrannon : can you please call my system and tell them that scores don't matter?

09:52 Jackie G : Is school success (in terms of test scores) by a student correlated to life success (however you define it)?

09:52 sophie : way to say it Chris

09:52 Bonnie : why isn't there a "march" in DC over test scores as there is over everything else

09:52 PeggyG : so well articulated!!

09:52 rdrunner : Barbara kellerman's book: Followership How Followers are Creacing Change and Changing Leaders http://tinyurl.com/aglzmy

09:52 Jenny : @Jackie G That is the ultimate question.

09:52 JLW : I agree, Chris, it IS changing how teachers are looking at students

09:52 Josh P : @jessica -yes, I did see this as well but it was more tastefully done in the KIPP schools i've visited

09:52 PurpleCar : He is the principal of this Science Leadership Academy

09:53 Mario from Qc : Finland are not testing till 14 years old I think

09:53 Lindseyb16 : I now know what to say at public comment at school board

09:53 PurpleCar : I hate no child left behind

09:53 PurpleCar : HATE IT

09:53 Jackie G : Testing is never a testing tool and alwasy a policy tool - Agreed!

09:53 sophie : testing is only a policy tool....exactly

09:53 budtheteacher : I'd like to know how long he was a teacher.

09:53 Josh P : stop the insanity - good Susan Powter quote :)

09:53 PurpleCar : who's with me?

09:53 rdrunner : Kellerman's work is helpful - good followers don't follow bad leaders

09:53 Bonnie : yes "purplecar"

09:54 jessica : ahhhh alternative assessment...performance based assessment

09:54 rdrunner : @budtheteacher Why?

09:54 Bonnie : or based on their test scores

09:54 JLW : Don't agree completely Purplecar -- I just feel it got off tract

09:54 Jackie G : Is test taking a life skill (after a student leaves the system)?

09:54 PurpleCar : teachers place A LOT of value on how long a person has taught

09:54 Lisa Parisi : Why do we spend all our time preparing our students for the next grade...including college? How about teaching children to learn this year?

09:54 jessica : its the weight of them - the tests

09:55 JLW : remind me who this is please

09:55 PurpleCar : I think test taking is a life skill but to be learned after the age of 13

09:55 jessica : they are weighted too heavily- gatekeepers

09:55 sophie : @lisaParisi that's a good question

09:55 PurpleCar : jessica, what is a gatekeeper

09:55 Jenny : @Lisa Parisi I love you for those questions! Thank you!

09:55 Lisa Parisi : Why is test taking a life skill, Purple car?

09:55 Robletcher : I am hoping Gary Stager speaks up here

09:55 caroy : @ purple car: as an adult how often do you take tests in your daily life?

09:55 Lisa Parisi : Exactly, caroy!

09:55 PurpleCar : Lisa because there is just a lot of tests. SAT's are more about strategy than knowledge

09:55 sophie : Live in the moment

09:55 ToniaJohnson : how bout preparing them to be caring, active, involved adults

09:55 jessica : yeahhhh

09:55 ijesspederson : @Lisa Parisi yes, i wish we were teaching children to love learning itself!

09:56 Jenny : Tests are a part of schooling, not of life. That could change if people cared enough.

09:56 Lisa Parisi : As an adult, purplecar?

09:56 Robletcher : This is great to say, but the reality is - eventually - if they don't make the "grade" on the test, you will lose your school

09:56 PurpleCar : I am saving up money for Princeton review for my kids

09:56 Robletcher : We are being managed by fear from the state

09:56 PurpleCar : strategies work

09:56 budtheteacher : @purplecar - Yeah, but I think experience is sometimes worth something. Come on.

09:56 caroy : SAT was designed originally to sort people for military purposes

09:56 Lisa Parisi : Last test I took was in college. Life tests do not fit into bubble sheets

09:56 caroy : IQ testing has a eugenic tie in with its history as well

09:56 Bonnie : so how do we change that "robeltcher"

09:56 caroy : they joy o f testing

09:56 PurpleCar : I am talking about standardized tests

09:56 sophie : @robletcher Yes it is fear

09:56 budtheteacher : @robletcher - We can change that policy.

09:57 Porchdragon : can anyone name the people across L2 R?

09:57 rdrunner : he is a great follower

09:57 PurpleCar : unless the tests disappear, we should attack them as well as REAL learning

09:57 Jackie G : I have a problem with a mainstream, fairly homogeneous culture providing the solutions for the whole US diverse population

09:57 khokanson : I don't think it is a life skill teaching kids to take a test is a "school-ly" task

09:57 Robletcher : @Bonnie I think you go outside th system - but still have kids take the test - to prove it works

09:57 Bonnie : why aren't these people making the decisions

09:57 Josh P : @bud @purplecare - yes, experience is very important, deeply understanding learning important - just can't assume tenure = understanding of learning

09:57 PurpleCar : no, it isn't a school task, khokanson

09:57 muffy : Why don't we do it?

09:57 Lisa Parisi : So get rid of standardized tests, purple car...Not reality

09:57 Jackie G : This is almost like preaching to the choir

09:57 ijesspederson : @khokanson amen!

09:57 Robletcher : We need data to show #1 that success on these tests and state standards do NOT lead to success in life or business

09:57 JLW : actually what he just said about WRITING is very important

09:57 Lisa Parisi : Almost, Jackie?

09:58 Josh P : @muffy - power is important

09:58 muffy : At least the choir sings

09:58 PurpleCar : yeah, tests aren't going anywhere

09:58 JLW : we do come here -- say that same thing -- and it stays here -- needs to go beyond that

09:58 Cathy E : But, you have to take a test to drive a car, to get a contractor's lic, to be a teacher, a lawyer..etc

09:58 caroy : @Robertchar there are studies showing no correlation between SAT and success? I don't know if money = success

09:58 JLW : I spy!!! :)

09:58 PeggyG : great camera work!! thanks!

09:58 Cathy in SC : Kevein Jarrett

09:58 Bonnie : there is a case study - see who does well on tests compared to those who don't; compare thier lives 5-6 years after high school

09:58 Robletcher : @JLW - But I am hopeful that this gives us the courage to go out and initiate change

09:58 Cathy in SC : DW

09:58 caroy : i know some chronicallly miserable people who are wealthy

09:58 Jackie G : I live in Arizona and New Mexico - where is the Hispanic and Native American representation?

09:58 RITA : more like 60%

09:58 Cathy in SC : my friend Bill Gaskins

09:58 JLW : Roblecher -- We must

09:59 Josh P : @caroy yes, messure of success is tough - thinking about success as having critical thinking skills may be more apt

09:59 JLW : even when we are not heard

09:59 Robletcher : CLAP

09:59 Jackie G : APPAULSE

09:59 Lisa Parisi : I work in a large asian population...not showing there either.

09:59 Jackie G : My point - hurrah!

09:59 RITA : Phila needs to change PD sessions

09:59 Bonnie : what was the question?

09:59 JLW : diversity is not just shown by color

09:59 Robletcher : Philly has a very large Asian population

09:59 Jackie G : Bring in more diversity into the discussion??

09:59 caroy : @ Joshp i used to stand in th bean pit screaming and yelling all day made tons of money but felt empty so i decided to teach

09:59 Robletcher : The question was "Where is the non-white representation here?"

09:59 cbrannon : we have 1,000 students at my school and there are over 30 languages spoken at home. tough to teach the individual.

09:59 Robletcher : In school reform

09:59 muffy : This guy is great!

09:59 caroy : have never regretted that decision

10:00 Jackie G : Go for it - claps!

10:00 PurpleCar : good for you caroy!

10:00 Josh P : @caroy Very cool - glad to hear it

10:00 Jackie G : I am standing up and clapping!

10:01 jessica : her her

10:01 jessica : here here

10:01 PurpleCar : why are the people here mostly white?

10:01 Josh P : @caroy - that is a tough decision to make...hope teaching is filling up that empty

10:01 PurpleCar : at the conference

10:01 Jackie G : @purplecar - Too many of the professional conferences I attend are very homogeneous.

10:01 drthomasho : where is the Twitter stream coming from? Whose tweets are appearing there?

10:01 Chen Wei : Because thats who chose to go maybe...

10:01 muffy : Purple Car - answer the question yourself.

10:01 Jackie G : Learn at same level - did he really say that??

10:02 MoCheeks : :-)

10:02 PurpleCar : drthomasho lots of ppl on twitter

10:02 injenuity : They have to first be actively recruited into COE faculty and students

10:02 injenuity : Which is difficult when other programs are able to offer better incentives and scholarships for students and faculty

10:02 PurpleCar : yes well, tech is dominated by white ppl

10:02 Bonnie : ok my question then is why do non-white not go into the field of education;

10:02 JLW : @jackieG I heard that as well

10:02 muffy : I always have 33 kids in my class in Philly. That is no accident.

10:02 cbrannon : hope this will be on the educon wiki or posted on twitter somewhere. got to go.

10:03 injenuity : @Bonnie COE's don't have the funding for the big incentives and scholarships

10:03 Jackie G : They will put the recording media on the wiki

10:03 JLW : wanting someone to step up and say a student is a student --

10:03 PurpleCar : the info is all online

10:03 Chen Wei : Dominated? Interesting - I wonder why?

10:03 Bonnie : I don't understand "injenuity"

10:03 MoCheeks : Interesting article about "obama effect" on blacks and test scores http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/23/education/23gap.html?_r=1&amp;ref=politics

10:03 Jackie G : how about sit with the students??!?!

10:03 muffy : I saw and spoke to at least 7 of the people of color at the conference.

10:04 muffy : But there are over 400 attendees

10:04 RITA : Have funded PD for teachrs WITH kids

10:04 Steve Hargadon : Does Mogulus save the chat?

10:04 MrChase : Nearly 400.

10:04 injenuity : @bonnie There are other college programs with better funding that can afford to use incentive money to recruit people of color

10:04 caroy : our own local school district was audited and violated the titles so money is gone

10:04 JLW : I think I have been very naive in my belief of public education.

10:04 budtheteacher : @steve - no. SOmeone should do a grab.

10:04 caroy : it really is lovely

10:05 budtheteacher : Any volunteers to grab the chat and post it to the wiki?

10:05 injenuity : @bonnie Then they get more grant funding based on their statistics

10:05 Cathy in SC : sorry i have to bow out for now...bye yall.

10:05 muffy : Can white folk actually teach people of color?

10:05 PurpleCar : I am running out of battery power, crap

10:05 Bonnie : ok, but colleges aren't recruiting people of color to go into the field of education'

10:05 JLW : I need to head to church.......hope to see you all later is sessions today. THANK YOU for sharing this.

10:05 muffy : Are people of color better at teaching their own folk?

10:05 budtheteacher : muffy - what do you think about that one? I think so.

10:05 Josh P : Agree- PD that leads teachers to be learners needs to be the first thing funded - not toys or worksheets

10:05 injenuity : But maybe that's just how it is here in WA. It's a real problem.

10:05 Robletcher : @muffy LOL - seriously?

10:05 ijesspederson : bye jen!

10:05 caroy : @muffy can people of color teach white folk? what difference does it make?

10:06 jonpratt : great to see a rep from Maine - great points re: rural ed challenges!

10:06 Steve Hargadon : @bud I had to log out at one point so I don't have the full history.

10:06 Robletcher : Amazingly, in Philadelphi, White folk are not ALLOWED to teacher white folk

10:06 Josh P : Do think worksheets are getting a bad wrap here - some can be thoughtfully designed :)

10:06 PurpleCar : LOL, rob

10:06 jonpratt : @budtheteacher thanks for posting the link to this stream, a very unexpected joy for sunday morning coffee time

10:06 injenuity : @bonnie They are, but students/faculty decide to go to programs where they get schoalrship, free laptop, housing, etc.

10:06 Robletcher : I was refused a school as a teaching assignment because I was white and they had "too many white kids" in that school

10:06 muffy : Of course white folk can be excellent teachers for all kids.

10:06 PeggyG : how do you grab the chat here?

10:06 JLW : I am grabbing the chat up to 7:06

10:06 Jackie G : Go for it Chris - I have hope for the next generation

10:06 budtheteacher : @Steve. I've changed machines, so I'm in the same boat.

10:06 Steve Hargadon : Thansk, Jen.

10:06 MoCheeks : @muffy, yes - but many suggest that they aren't a "familiar" role model, so something is lost

10:07 budtheteacher : @jon - You're welcome.

10:07 budtheteacher : @jlw - Thanks.

10:07 JLW : will email to you steve

10:07 Robletcher : Philly SD keeps schools "racially balanced" by placing black teachers in white schools and white teachers in black schools

10:07 RITA : can teach children of color -- need to understand child -- in and out of school

10:07 PurpleCar : MO!

10:07 MrChase : It's think like us!

10:07 budtheteacher : @peggyg - a ctrl-a should get it,

10:07 JLW : steve -- it is on it's way


10:07 budtheteacher : @mrchase - Huh?

10:07 muffy : Something is lost, but something different can be gained.

10:07 Bonnie : yes but I think this happens everywhere all the time no matter what age or what color

10:08 jonpratt : We are a boarding school - very difficult to get day/local & boarding/international students to mix in the lunchroom (in Maine, day student = white)

10:08 jenvandeusen : How do we harvest these ideas to effect the Change We Need?

10:08 Josh P : @jonpratt - @ boarding school as well - understand

10:08 muffy : Rita -Can any teacher know each kid in and out

10:08 MrChase : I'm saying paying attention to perceived diversity doesn't get us where we need to be.

10:08 mjmontagne : kids do that in the lunch rooms as well...

10:08 muffy : Mr. Chase rox

10:08 MoCheeks : (technically it doesn't reflect america %... so its not entirely possible everywhere)

10:09 JLW : please grab the chat from 7:06 on -- thanks

10:09 Josh P : Beverly Tatum: http://www.amazon.com/Black-Kids-Sitting-Together-Cafeteria/dp/0465083617

10:09 Bonnie : exactly @mocheeks

10:09 Jackie G : Me, too!

10:09 MoCheeks : but diversity is a beautiful thing to strive for

10:09 Bonnie : I have been on since before 9 and it won't alow me to scroll all the way back

10:09 Josh P : Also good to think about, Howard: http://www.amazon.com/Cant-Teach-What-Dont-Know/dp/0807746657/ref=pd_bxgy_b_img_b

10:10 MoCheeks : @mjmontagne pay attention, there will be at least one or two kids who try really hard not to do that in the classroom

10:10 Steve Hargadon : @JWL: if you want to email me what you grabbed, I'll add the balance and post on wiki.

10:10 Jackie G : Most k12 teachers are female and white - and if memory serves me the percentage has increased/

10:10 MoCheeks : and the lunchroom

10:10 dlaufenberg : i think the other thing to ask, is how many of the people in the room grew up below the poverty line.

10:10 caroy : what about the fact that the majority of primary teachers are women?

10:10 Jackie G : @dlauifenbery - agreed

10:10 Steve Hargadon : How did I ever attend anything without a back-channel?

10:10 caroy : should there be gender diversity at all levels?

10:10 rdrunner : Agree that colour/ethnicity is obvious "organizer" but they also organize around other things - interests, coolness, ....

10:10 Lucy : H Everyone

10:10 twilliamson15 : @steve pretty amazing isn't it?

10:10 Lucy : hi rather

10:10 Robletcher : No, really, Gary - tell us what you REALLY think!

10:11 k : to change the gender issue, it seems like you should increase salary... i'm not a sexist, but a realist.

10:11 MoCheeks : GAH! This makes me want to go back into education.

10:11 jonpratt : Anyone else read "Outliers"? Gladwell has some interesting points re: culture/socioecon
effects w/r/t learning

10:11 Jackie G : @steve - backchannels have been my saving grade for all the online presentations - love it!

10:11 budtheteacher : @mrchase - Ah. Indeed.

10:11 Bonnie : @caroy you can't if you don't have the people to fill those slots; we don't recruit for
education; only sports

10:11 Josh P : @jonpratt Not concerned about mingling at lunch room, though - concerned about leanring from each other

10:11 Lindseyb16 : @steve my child does everything at home with a backchannel. Not allowed in school

10:11 budtheteacher : 21st Century?

10:11 rdrunner : @steve - lol, but sometimes hard to get newbies to participate

10:11 PurpleCar : w00t! found power

10:11 jonpratt : Mentions KIPP schools specifically - says school works, time is factor

10:11 muffy : Am reading Outliers presently. why?

10:11 PurpleCar : Love Outliers

10:11 Lucy : Hello America - there is no debate about 21st century skills in Asia. It's accepted and people are working toward it.

10:12 Steve Hargadon : Did Gladwell include the piece on teachers in Outliers?

10:12 PurpleCar : Lucy, read Outliers

10:12 demetri : @drunner Yes- "Why are all the 'cool' kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" ;-)

10:12 PurpleCar : Yes Steve

10:12 PurpleCar : Also, about how Asians approach education

10:12 Lucy : I'm reading the Global Achievement Gap right now

10:12 PurpleCar : oh what's that

10:12 caroy : @purple car it's a good read but there are some unchallenged presumptions in the book

10:12 Chen Wei : @lucy me too - great book

10:13 rdrunner : We need to post the Twitter chat to the wiki as well

10:13 caroy : @purple car. you'd like Ken Robinson's new book "The element"

10:13 PurpleCar : ok

10:13 Josh P : @Lucy - Really? Just had visiters from shanghai - they were not address 21st century skills (critical thinking) - were addressing content, not learning

10:13 PurpleCar : writing these titles down

10:13 jonpratt : the teacher as college QB stuff was after outliers was published, i think

10:13 Chris Prout : Outliers seems to suggest that just giving the kids more time in school is going to result in success in everything

10:13 MoCheeks : Is Outliers really worth reading, or could it be summarized just as well in a blog post? I have been considering reading it

10:13 mdipaola : anyone got the link to the google thing

10:13 Chris Prout : no room for anything else (scouts, arts, enrichment)

10:13 rdrunner : @caroy Is Robinson sending the same message or a new one in his book?

10:13 jonpratt : @MoCheeks Worth it, I think - a quick & easy read

10:14 caroy : @ Chris. exactly. TOT is overrated. Look at Finland they don't start till the kids are 7 and it is regarded as the best in the world.... so much for time on

10:14 Lucy : Our leaders need to get out of the US and see what's going on

10:14 MoCheeks : @jonpratt thanks, I'll check it out then.

10:14 muffy : naw! it is a focus on the kid outside of school that makes the difference.

10:14 Josh P : @mocheeks - blog post is good

10:14 Jackie G : http://blog.ted.com/2009/01/sir_ken_robinso_1.php

10:14 mjmontagne : I kinda disagree with this guy...poverty makes it hard for students to learn at the same level of those not in poverty...Maslow's Hierarchy

10:14 Lucy : I was just in Singapore... and granted... I only saw a slice, but it seemed pretty much a given

10:14 PeggyG : Outliers is available for Kindle too :-)

10:14 Lisa Parisi : "We have a responsibility to get our children into this world." Good point

10:14 Jackie G : thoughtful, wise, confident and what?

10:14 PurpleCar : Thoughtful Wise Passional and Kind.

10:14 twilliamson15 : passionate

10:14 Lisa Parisi : passionate

10:14 MoCheeks : @lucy well thats one things thats exiting about us finally having our first president who has ever lived outside of the US

10:15 PurpleCar : passionate*

10:15 Lucy : What struck me about Singapore... is that their admins are out of the country investigating best practices

10:15 Chris Prout : In his account KIPP students have no time for anything else

10:15 jonpratt : @mjmontagne Good point - hard to learn on an empty stomac

10:15 Lucy : and bringing that info back to Singapore

10:15 Lucy : Heck, the education minister of Singapore has visited SLA

10:15 PurpleCar : woah

10:15 jonpratt : @Chris if we really want these content / skill outcomes, do we have time for anything else?

10:15 PurpleCar : jon: no

10:15 muffy : "Passionate" is so overused that it almost meaningless

10:15 mjmontagne : K12 doesn't have the resources to deal with deep, extreme poverty...

10:16 Bonnie : not just smaller schols but smaller schools that have the tax base or funding

10:16 Lucy : How many of our education leaders have visited schools that are moving and shaking? Even within the US, much less outside?

10:16 Josh P : Yes - Asia cultures and Lesson Study are impressive - what I do notice is different is that they value and promote (require) adult learning and professionalism

10:16 Josh P : asian cultures that is...

10:16 caroy : @ Lucy that's why I'm here

10:16 jonpratt : @mjm good point - let's focus on what we do well. serenity now!

10:16 Lester : People are resources!!

10:16 MoCheeks : @muffy why? Passion is real. You can always name it when you see it. Its a key ingredient to "success"

10:16 Jackie G : @mkmontage - they have the potential for great teachers -

10:16 Lisa Parisi : Poverty, Matt, is a very broad issue that needs to be addressed quickly...but, you're right...not my education

10:16 Chris Prout : @jon Do we really want just academics?

10:16 Lisa Parisi : *by

10:17 Michael Baker : I need best practices to bring back to my teachers so I raise the expectations. Use social media tools to create these tools so I can SHOW teachers something

10:17 Jackie G : Asking everyone here. "What are the demongraphics of the schools you teach or have tuaght at?"

10:17 Lucy : Have you guys seen this? I was looking at this profile this AM:

10:17 Metaweb : In Mexico, religion interferes with moving towards 21st Century Skills

10:17 caroy : there are strategies for breaking bigger schools into smaller communities within their walls

10:17 MoCheeks : @metaweb interesting

10:17 Jackie G : @Metaweb Why?

10:17 PeggyG : such a good point--small doesn't necessarily mean good--it's what you do with it

10:17 caroy : scheduling in large schools can be a real nightmare but doable

10:17 Lucy : I've taught at high poverty as well as elite private schools

10:17 jonpratt : @Chris Not personally - but if my job is to help students acheive mastery of all that the policy makers set for outcomes... time is the limited resource.

10:17 rdrunner : @caroy good point

10:17 muffy : The question: Does America really value education? Or have we turned on all intellectual pursuits that don't benefit us?

10:18 Lisa Parisi : Me, too, Lucy

10:18 Jackie G : @Lucy and your thoughts then?

10:18 Lucy : @muffy Very important question

10:18 rdrunner : LIke that - share your humanity first

10:18 PurpleCar : we have a very intellectual president now

10:18 Metaweb : because open exploratory minds with access to all information is contrary to control of thinking

10:18 Lucy : I see my students differing in terms of experience

10:18 Lucy : not in terms of intellect

10:18 Chris Prout : @Jon But our schools don't have the right to take those opportunities away

10:18 PurpleCar : wow not a lot of principals here

10:18 Lucy : I think independent schools understand the big picture; the others are focused on test scores

10:19 Steve Hargadon : @muffy: it's hard to value education when it's a "system" we don't have much input in.

10:19 Lucy : There's a lot to learn from the independent school community that's not about money or about being elite

10:19 twilliamson15 : @purple most principals would probably send their tech person rather than go themselves, even those focused on tech

10:19 caroy : @ purple car i've heard about 20 are here

10:19 PurpleCar : I agree Lucy

10:19 jonpratt : @Chris Opportunity and outcome exist in tension when time is a limiting factor. We must make choices.

10:19 mjmontagne : @Lucy...Independent Schools are driven by tests as well, just different tests (like what colleges the kids are going to)

10:19 MoCheeks : @muffy Ken Robinson suggests that the cheif purpose of formal education in america is to create professors http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/ken_robinson_says_

10:19 PurpleCar : nice, mo

10:20 Lucy : Yes, there is competition, Matt. But... indp schools know that it's just more thanacademics

10:20 PurpleCar : interesting links guys

10:20 caroy : @purple car you need pricnipal buy in to ever make school reform really happen

10:20 Jackie G : @Lucy - how about charter schools - I worked at one with about 75% on free and reduced lunches - great model of educations with arts integration

10:20 jutecht : So what's happening at EduCon 2.1?

10:20 Lucy : It's about addressing attitudes, social and emotional factors etc

10:20 demetri : Ind schools tend to give teachers a level of autonomy that can be both a good thing or a stumbling block

10:20 Lucy : I work at a charter Jackie

10:20 mjmontagne : @mocheeks...I agree wiht sir ken there...and it is very prominent in math instruction...

10:20 Lucy : Charters really vary

10:20 Jackie G : @Lucy - what is the charter?

10:20 Josh P : @mjmontagne - driven by mission, right - and evaluated off of how well that mission is lived in every member of the community

10:20 Lucy : We're doing great things with literacy

10:20 Chris Prout : @lucy agreed

10:20 PurpleCar : Caroy, principal buy in is KEY yes

10:20 Lucy : University of Chicago Charter Schools

10:20 jonpratt : Such a good point that it is hard for leaders to admit what they don't know sometimes...!

10:20 rdrunner : @jutecht amazing panel this mroning

10:20 Josh P : that being said, if college is #1 in mission, then college placement is the key piece of data (sadly)

10:21 MoCheeks : @mhmontagne yea i suppose it probably is especially true of math instruction

10:21 Lucy : We're very focused on improving teaching and learning and getting kids ready for college success

10:21 PurpleCar : interesting

10:21 Jackie G : @ Lucy - FYI - my students took your Inauguration survey - great project.

10:21 jutecht : Sounds like it @rdrunner

10:21 caroy : as a school leader i love to admit my own ignorance. not because i relish being an idiot but because it helps my teachers take risks as well

10:21 Josh P : @Lucy - that is key - great to hear

10:21 Lucy : but there's not much room other things

10:21 Josh P : @caroy - v. funny

10:21 jutecht : Better font

10:21 J : I just want to say to everyone that the guy who said we should speak to kids in "yellish" does not speak for all principals. Kids should be respected.

10:21 Lucy : Great, Jackie! Thanks!!!

10:21 jonpratt : @caroy here here :) shows that we're inviting in the learning opportunity

10:21 Turrean : We need to look at the Finnish model--they're consistently at top

10:21 MoCheeks : @lucy thats great

10:21 Lucy : 'in yellish" lol

10:22 jutecht : What I love about an international conference..we never mention test scores. :)

10:22 Lucy : That must be really refreshing, Jeff. I want to work in an international school one day

10:22 caroy : i would argue learning can't really begin until we acknowledge our own ignorance -- thus the reason to learn

10:22 MoCheeks : @jutecht what can be said of that?

10:22 jonpratt : @Turrean the Finnish model is a cultural model - cultural change takes a long time

10:22 Metaweb : Is that an electric shock device behind Chris?

10:22 Lester : HIgh shool students need to spoken to as adults. We are preparing them for the adult world.

10:22 Lucy : @caroy Oh I wholeheartedly agree with that. It's hard to be honest.

10:22 Jackie G : Why isn't accountability internal? Maybe that would change the "paradigm"

10:22 jutecht : @moCheeks it means we talk about kids

10:23 mjmontagne : I totally disagree with this dude

10:23 PurpleCar : yeah Americans like tests

10:23 Lucy : It starts with admininstration.

10:23 caroy : my wife has helped me come to terms with the fact that i'm an idiot. it is very liberating

10:23 chuckholland : Leadership is key to change and reform

10:23 Josh P : What are the good educational leadership programs out there to build human captial?

10:23 jonpratt : Another great point - more individualized programming requires more human capital

10:23 J : This guy went to law school.

10:23 Jackie G : Good teachers need to be more active in educational reform and leadership roles.

10:23 PurpleCar : Yes, Caroy, always listen to the wives!

10:23 Josh P : What is the most popular?

10:23 Robletcher : Clap

10:23 Jackie G : Twitter is very active right now in Twitter

10:23 mjmontagne : it is the system...the system isn't setup to allow innovation...

10:23 Lester : Then we tend to take good teachers out of the classroom.

10:23 Lucy : I wishI was there. Wah.

10:23 Bonnie : what is the highest topic

10:23 MoCheeks : @dude - i dont think there is a lack of teachers... there is a lack of INSPIRIRATION
amongst teachers

10:23 PeggyG : :-)

10:23 Jackie G : Twitter names, please

10:23 Lucy : elemenous

10:23 jonpratt : @jonpratt

10:23 Josh P : pretzej = twitter name

10:24 MoCheeks : twitter @mocheeks

10:24 twilliamson15 : twilliamson15

10:24 Lindseyb16 : lindseyb16

10:24 rdrunner : twitter - cgseibel

10:24 Chris Prout : @techicebreaker

10:24 chuckholland : chuckholland

10:24 Jackie G : @jackiegerstein

10:24 Bonnie : @bdilling on twitter

10:24 MikeSansone : Break down the silo walls and invite some business leaders to the edu-leader tables

10:24 vvrotny : vvrotny

10:24 dougpete : dougpete

10:24 PurpleCar : @PurpleCar

10:24 Robletcher : Kill NCLB

10:24 Turrean : @turrean

10:24 jenvandeusen : whitestwave

10:24 MoCheeks : I just heard purplecar :-)

10:24 Metaweb : I was reading so much on twitter about educon that I thought that they were making it a part of the session to twitter

10:24 caroy : @caroy

10:24 Jackie G : I hope someone puts the twitter names in the wiki.

10:24 PurpleCar : look me up people I'll follow back!

10:24 muffy : Long live SLA!!!

10:24 Porchdragon : twitter @porchdragon

10:24 PurpleCar : HAHA!

10:24 jonpratt : @MikeSansone Maine is doing some *great* work with Stakeholders

10:24 PurpleCar : MO! I'm LOUD

10:24 maries : @drmscearce


10:24 Jackie G : SOME kids - I am having problems here!

10:24 Bonnie : some twitter names are on the virtual attendees page

10:25 PurpleCar : ok cool Bonnie

10:25 MikeSansone : >jonpratt - would love to hear more, we're trying to bridge the communication gaps in Iowa

10:25 Jackie G : @Bonnie - not everyone posted

10:25 jonpratt : @MikeS are you on Twitter? DM me @jonpratt to exchange email

10:25 Metaweb : @metaweb20 on twitter

10:25 MikeSansone : sounds great @jonpratt (I'm @mikesansone on twitter) :-)

10:25 Jackie G : Do we really know what works?

10:26 Lucy : Go Bette!

10:26 PurpleCar : @PurpleCar on twitter.

10:26 MoCheeks : NICE comment on technology

10:26 Josh P : Very good statement on technology - brave for this audience but so true

10:26 twilliamson15 : wow

10:26 PurpleCar : yes it was brave

10:26 Steve Hargadon : Amazing session this morning. Clapping.

10:26 muffy : What is happening at schools of ed that the disconnect is so large

10:26 Lucy : No kidding, Muffy.

10:26 Ron : Another amen Gary

10:26 Jackie G : This was fantastic - best session for me in the virtual world of Educon

10:26 jonpratt : Invest in classroom teachers first. Expand school day / year second. Expand tech third.

10:26 MoCheeks : smart boards are the most annoying thing i've seen in schools lately, because they're a trophy more often than not

10:26 MikeSansone : Great question Muffy

10:26 mjmontagne : clap, clap, clap...that was fantastic!

10:26 chuckholland : we all wonder that Muffy

10:26 Bonnie : can anyone else get back to the beginning of this quote

10:26 PurpleCar : Totally true Mo

10:26 Bonnie : sorry chat screen

10:27 Metaweb : I am having a problem with the color of the wall ... doesn't resonate with me, hahaha

10:27 jutecht : Good to pop in...off to downtown Doha, Qatar for some shopping and dinner. Later all enough your conference!

10:27 PurpleCar : k we're out

10:27 PurpleCar : ttyl

10:27 rdrunner : clap clap

10:27 chuckholland : great session here and on twitter

10:27 Metaweb : clap

10:27 PeggyG : What a fantastic conversation/session this morning! Thanks to all (chat and panel)!

10:27 jonpratt : Clapping back here in D-F Maine :)

10:27 MikeSansone : I wonder if the archive will embed in a blog or wiki. Think I'll give it a try:-)

10:27 Lindseyb16 : Pleasure to be with you all...

10:27 Porchdragon : wonderful session

10:27 Josh P : Thanks all - need to go be a good husband now - are there video archives of the individual sessions to check out later?

10:27 twilliamson15 : thanks all, enjoyed what I got around a fussy 1 month old :)

10:27 chuckholland : On to other sessions

10:27 Jackie G : Thanks for the great discussion both in real life and in virtual life!

10:28 Steve Hargadon : I've grabed the chat and will combine with JWL and post in full on wiki.

10:28 twilliamson15 : thanks Steve

10:28 Metaweb : gracias

10:28 jonpratt : @Steve H wiki address for us latecomers?

10:28 Steve Hargadon : http://educon21.wikispaces.com

10:28 jonpratt : Many thanks.

10:28 muffy : see chrid lehman's session next

10:28 demetri : anyone know if this channel will continue to broadcast more sessions today?

10:29 Ron : @demitri - see -> http://educon21.wikispaces.com/Agenda

10:29 Lindseyb16 : Change the channel number in the url to find other sessions or check wiki @demetri

10:29 Bonnie : thanks Steve

10:29 Metaweb : love mogulus .. I use it at http://metamexico.ning.com too

10:30 mjmontagne : I totally dig the grassroots nature of educon...proves that u can have an incredible PD experience that is very inexpensive