What is Student Voice?

Facilitator: Sylvia Martinez

Conversation Starters

  • What are the components of student voice?
  • Is it necessarily related to being a “change agent”?
  • How does/can technology enable it?
  • How can this happen in today's classrooms and schools?
  • What are examples of it working (or not working)?
  • What is the impact of enabling student voice in educational practices such as assessment (self/peer), teaching (peer/reverse mentoring), school administration (students sitting on committees, boards, teacher review, or other feedback systems), and are there other models we should be looking at?
  • Are student-only/student-led groups effective? Why and when?

Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement - Soundout.org
Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement - Soundout.org

Cycle of Meaningful Student Involvement - Soundout.org

Wikipedia entry for Student Voice. Very good article, with global examples.

Tip Sheet for Student Voice - Soundout.org
Principles of Student Voice in Schools - Soundout.org

Sharing Student Voice: Students Presenting at Conferences Download PDF... Sylvia Martinez for Generation YES
Contains both research support and practical tips for teachers working with students to plan presentations of student work by students in formal, adult venues, specifically educational conferences.

Vision to Action: Adding Student Leadership to Your Technology Plan Download PDF... Dr. Dennis Harper for Generation YES
Tips for creating a technology plan that includes authentic roles for student involvement and leadership.

external image MSIGuide2.jpg
external image MSIGuide2.jpg
Meaningful Student Involvement: Guide to Students as Partners in School Change
Highlighting a practical framework, important considerations, and real-world examples, this Guide is all about engaging students throughout education. Recommended for anyone interested in student voice, student empowerment, student engagement, or building community in schools. (28 pgs, 2005) Order Print Version | Download the PDF
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