Learning that Sticks: Make It Memorable with Projects that Matter

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Facilitators: Suzie Boss, Jane Krauss

Session description: What do you hope students will remember—years from now—about what they learned in school? This conversation is about real-world projects that push beyond traditional PBL practices to engage students as community leaders and change agents. We plan to use a variety of media to share powerful examples and facilitate a discussion. For example: What happened when students in South Central Los Angeles took on the role of citizen scientists to investigate—and publicize—local pollution levels in their own neighborhood? After hearing about such projects, we invite participants to talk about: --Why are projects like these still the exception? --What barriers stand in the way of real-world learning? --How can we maximize technology to overcome challenges and leverage opportunities? --What can we do collectively to make sure every student has opportunities for this kind of engaged, meaningful learning?W

In groups and subsequently in a voicethread we'll ask you to reflect on these ideas?

  1. What do you have available to use as a seed bed for motivating projects that can make a difference?
  2. What ideas do you have for making projects like this more common?
  3. What problem in your community might benefit from student problem-solving?
  4. Wild card - What's on your mind?


The Black Cloud Project, Students of Antero Garcia, Los Angeles

Our Voicethread - Please respond to the items that move you.

Resources for Planning Meaningful Projects

**Al Kamandjati**
(Arabic for The Violinist)
Ramzi Aburedwan is the young Palestinian who founded this organization, which creates music schools for children growing up in refugee camps.

Global Citizen Corps
A project of Mercy Corps, Global Citizen Corps is a national network of youth who think and act globally, have the passion to build a better world, and are committed to ending global poverty. Online resources include information on global issues and opportunities to connect with others, including field experts.

Learn more about how trained rats are used to detect landmines and sniff out tuberculosis.

**The New Heroes**
PBS video series about social entrepreneuers from around the world; includes extensive resources for teachers.

**What Kids Can Do**
Promoting "powerful learning with public purpose," What Kids Can Do captures the stories of young people who make a difference--locally and globally--and advocates for more opportunities for youth to be knowledge creators.

**Youth Venture**
An Ashoka partner, Youth Venture supports teams of young change-makers with mentoring, resources, and seed funding for new projects.

More Resources for Reinventing Project-Based Learning

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: Join the conversation about meaningful, real-world projects that engage kids and communities.
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