Rethinking At-Risk Education: Successful Learner-Centered Alternatives to Conventional Practice

Facilitator: Gary S. Stager Ph.D.

Backchannel Chat

[note the timestamps are MDT]
10:57 PeggyG : Rethinking At-Risk Education: Successful Learner-Centered Alternatives to Conventional Practice - Gary Stager :-)
10:49 PeggyG : Interesting rule :-) "don't be a jerk" kids and teachers
10:49 PeggyG : reminds me of the issues with "zero tolerance"
10:50 PeggyG : zero tolerance throws common sense out the window
10:50 CJ : Wow!
10:51 CJ : I have never heard of some of this- undergraound cell phone storage
10:53 PeggyG : handout here
10:53 kchichester : What's the website?
10:56 demetri : I wanted to do something dramatic! (i like that)
10:57 CJ : I had that same thought-
10:57 PeggyG : this is a great story :-)
10:58 Robletcher : can you zoom in further for the screen?
10:58 PeggyG : laptops and legos for ballerinas :-)
11:00 PeggyG : no yelling at kids!!
11:00 kchichester : Here, here!
11:01 kchichester : Isn't it a shame that some kids only know that you are serious if you yell? Just imagine what is foing on at home.
11:02 Austin : Not sure if I agree- can't we show them we r serious by looking in their eyes and speaking to them
11:02 PeggyG : his story reminds me of the story Ron Clark tells about why he wrote the book The Essential 55
11:03 Austin : Yes!
11:03 CJ : It is! What kind of yelling! Are they talking about discipline?
11:03 PeggyG : yes yelling as discipline--not effective
11:03 Austin : so when would "yelling" be productive?
11:04 PeggyG : @Austin--never in my opinion
11:06 kchichester : I had a kid say to me that he didn't know I was serious because I wasn't yelling at him. I had been looking him in the eyes and speaking directly to him!
11:06 PeggyG : doing the same thing louder will not get a different result--great quote from Gary
11:06 kchichester : For the record, I hate yelling.
11:06 CJ : Yelling indicates that the teacher is out-of- control
11:07 CJ : I don't mean we need to control the kids
11:08 PeggyG : Fred Jones has a great Fredism about yelling "Open your mouth, slit your throat"--yelling doesn't get the results and the battle escalates
11:08 muffy : Personally out of control
11:10 PeggyG : extended learning times can be so valuable but it depends on how you use it--not automatically better with more time to learn
11:10 muffy : Never
11:11 kchichester : I think most of my students have "lost the parental lottery."
11:11 PeggyG : funny kchichester!
11:11 kchichester : Shame that states think more of the same is better instruction.
11:12 Austin : @ kchichester- what do u mean p. lottery?
11:12 muffy : no control over outcome and have to live with results
11:13 kchichester : It was Gary's statement. I thnk he meant that these kids didn't get the parents that all kids should get.
11:13 CJ : Yes
11:14 kchichester : Classroom libraries are so important. I too buy books for a kid if he is interested in it.
11:15 muffy changed their nickname to muffy.
11:16 kimcaise : i would have run to the nearest bookstore, library or computer to order from amazon
11:16 PeggyG : "Our task is to provide an education for the kind ofkids we have... Not the kind of kids we used to have...Or want to have...
11:17 CJ : Does Gary have any published books?
11:17 PeggyG : Or the kids that exist in our dreams. Mary Kay Utech
11:18 Austin :
11:18 PeggyG : Yes-books and articles on his site
11:18 kimcaise : never had a photo with their child?
11:19 muffy : Prolific
11:20 Austin : I hope we are going to be able to have a conversation about this...
11:22 Ryan : This guy has alot of enthusiasm :]
11:24 muffy : Is his ppt available
11:24 tmeister : Follow him on twitter, the conversation occurs in an ongoing fashion.
11:25 CJ : new to twitter-what is his screen name?
11:25 tmeister : I'll check
11:26 PeggyG :
11:26 kchichester : Could everyone here list their twitter ids? I'm @kchichester
11:26 PeggyG : I'm pgeorge
11:26 tmeister : @Garystager
11:26 CJ : scigirl925
11:26 tmeister : too late..
11:27 PeggyG : handout-what makes a good project--can't wait to read it
11:27 tmeister :
11:27 Austin : MichaelFarrell
11:28 PeggyG :
11:28 PeggyG :
11:28 Austin : thanks
11:29 PeggyG : love his Piaget quotes
11:30 PeggyG : To Understand Is to Invent
11:31 kchichester : When was the last time somone looked at your "permanent record?"
11:32 PeggyG : interesting question re permanent record--twitter and blog posts are permanent records :-)
11:33 kchichester : True. I just get frustrated that colleagues/adults don't want a kid to get special ed services because it will be in that kid's permanent record.
11:34 PeggyG : Yes I've heard that expressed by both teachers and parents.
11:34 kchichester : In general, HS teachers don't read permanent records.
11:34 Austin : Spec. Ed. teacher here- huge concern for me
11:36 PeggyG : @Austin-I agree! huge concern!
11:36 kchichester : I'm both a Spec. Ed teacher pllus the parent of a Special Ed student with Asperger's. HS honor graduate.
11:37 kchichester : He wouldn't be in college without Special Ed. Support throughout school.
11:37 PeggyG : @kchichester-great example!! wonderful success story!
11:38 Austin : any good articles/resources to share w/ my parents/teachers about this...???
11:39 Ryan : I deserve a skateboarding event
11:39 PeggyG : @Austin-there are some great resources/bookmarks on Diigo. search for tag specialeducation
11:41 kimcaise : @austin, be sure and join plurk too. add me there and i can connect with educators who also have children with autism/asperger's
11:41 kimcaise : kcaise on plurk/twitter
11:42 PeggyG : try this link for Diigo specialeducation search:
11:43 PeggyG : such authentic learning experiences he's describing :-)
11:43 Austin : indeed
11:44 Ryan : i think he should involve the audience in his presentation.
11:44 kchichester : @austin Get a hold of me later thru twitter and I can give you more details re: my experience with SpEd and my son. I blog about it too.
11:44 InCA : too bad we don't have funding to support special our current system funds are drained from the general fund, which hurts other programs :-(
11:45 kchichester : How true. Decrease funding means increased caseloads.
11:46 PeggyG : videos and images make such powerful reflection tools!
11:46 Austin : @ kchichester thanks- will def. be in touch
11:46 InCA : we need to get out priorities straight...i hope we see some change real soon :-)
11:47 PeggyG : fantastic community of learners exploring and sharing using Flickr for education
11:48 PeggyG : neat concept--climbing to knowledge--how to get kids started
11:49 kchichester : Any good resources for Project Based Learning for at risk kids in High School English. Mich curriculum is now trad. college prep for all regardless of ability.
11:52 PeggyG : Sheryl Nussbaum Beach has some excellent resources on this wiki re PBL -
11:54 kchichester : @PeggyG thanks for the link.
11:56 PeggyG : Another great resource for PBL is Krauss and Boss blog and book on reinventing PBL
11:57 kchichester : I heard this on This American Life. It's one of my favorite podcasts.
11:57 kchichester : Listen to how the adults he interacts with respond to him,
11:58 PeggyG : amazing!! :-)
11:59 CJ : @sla crew- do you have extra power cords for a mac
11:59 PeggyG : "this is obviously not working"--love it!
12:03 PeggyG : funny--stepped on the punch line
12:07 PeggyG : captured the imagination! that's engaged learning!
12:07 kimcaise : most definitely!
12:08 Austin : where r people going for session 6?
12:09 PeggyG : I'm going to Warlick: Forging Links between Casual Information Practices and Formal Learning Procedures
12:10 kchichester : I'm going to edit my son's comp paper. Wish I was there, but I'm in frozen Michigan. See you on Twitter.
12:11 tmeister : Trebuchet
12:11 PeggyG : @kchichester-sorry you're frozen in Michigan! It's 74 degrees in Phoenix today :-)
12:12 Ryan : Oh yeah, Rub it in :(
12:12 Ryan : Its 36 in Philadelphia.
12:12 PeggyG : :-)
12:12 PeggyG : hilarious story!
12:12 kchichester : <great feelings of jealousy> Hubby cleared more snow off of the roof and we're in Metro Detroit.
12:14 kimcaise : only 66 deg. today here, san antonio
12:14 kimcaise : yesterday it was 82
12:14 maya : lol
12:14 Ryan : :'(
12:15 Ryan : Can someone explain how he went from Children to Gophers?
12:15 PeggyG : great question about reflection and challenges of schedule and changing classes
12:15 Ryan : mean im a child, am i a gopher?
12:16 PeggyG : that's really true about time wasted in transitions!
12:16 Ryan : lol
12:16 kchichester : My phliosophy is that if it isn't cold enough or snowy enough to close school, I want nothing to do with winter.
12:17 Ryan : No not snow, GOPHERS
12:17 kchichester : Time is one of the big enemies of learning.
12:17 Ryan : and now claymation?
12:17 kchichester : Same goes for gophers.
12:17 PeggyG : snow days give you time for reflection :-)
12:17 kchichester : And sleep.
12:18 Austin : thanks everyone
12:18 Ryan : Oh ok i get it now
12:18 maya : this session is supposed to be over
12:18 Ryan : But i bet we'll never have a snow day here at Science leadership[ academy
12:19 maya : next session starts in like 5 minutes
12:19 PeggyG : they will learn if they are engaged--great point! engagement requires hard work by both teachers and students
12:19 kchichester : Amen1
12:19 Ryan : Wow, im 15 years old talking to a bunch of adults.
12:19 Ryan : i think i need more cofee.
12:19 Ryan : lol